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So, back in the Fall I asked for a jury duty postponement until May. Got the new summons. For May 20. Okay, annoying that it was for the day of a conference I was supposed to attend. And even more annoying that if I got called to serve it would be during my summer class.

What really tore it, though, is that on the 23rd I have a second biopsy. Other breast. The fun never ends. Which I really can't move since it is already as late as the doctor is willing to go. He understood why I wanted to do it then, and since this is more of a "let's make sure it's the same as the one in the left" and not "Oh my God, we'd better find out what this is!" But since the one on the left was a tumor, albeit benign, and not something cysty or calciumy or scarry, he wants to be sure. Okay. Got it. I would rather be safe.

So, called the Commissioner of Jurors. When she understood it was a non-elective procedure, she was quite helpful. New start date is July 2. I'll take whatever, whenever. Apparently there are a couple of trials scheduled for July, so it's likely, and that would be lovely. July or August would be perfect for me.

In other news my students today were stunned--stunned I say, when they realized we only have two more classes for the Tuesday/Thursday schedule. We have 5 for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday crowd. As Jubal Early would say, "Does that seem right to you?"

Tonight Duchezz and I work on her letter for OES, because our Matron and Secretary couldn't do their damn jobs themselves, I grade, she collapses, since she got in from Amsterdam (NY) last night at 1 AM--they made the "Big Announcement" about her state position to our District. Now the endorsement letter goes out, and in October, barring something really wonky, her name will go forward in the uncontested ballot. And then life gets interesting, because, gee, it wasn't before.

Okay, time to get back to work.
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This weekend was full of...everything.

We had an event in Coppertree this weekend that promised to be the kind of event I love--lots of people doing things about which they are very enthusiastic, with an incredibly flexible schedule since there was no court, or performance, etc. that people had to structure around. And our house was going to be full of family and friends (old and new), something I was very much looking forward to.

Also this weekend was La Duchezz's Homecoming for Eastern Star as her year as District Deputy Grand Matron [closest analogous position in the SCA is Territorial Baroness] is over and she gets to step down. It is also the "Reception" for her "Baron," Keith, who is a good friend, and was a good friend of John's [Morguhn], who is staying in for a second year and will be serving with a lovely woman we're very fond of in Rowan's former position. It was also the reception for his wife, Joanne, who we adore, who is a new Grand Officer.

And, inevitably, I had a mountain of school work to get through, exacerbated by the fact that my computer was out of commission for three days last week, and that when I checked my mailbox Friday afternoon the slot that had been empty in the morning was stuffed full with 75 placement tests I had to evaluate. By Monday.

So, I had to choose--miss the event or miss the reception.

I chose to miss the event, even though that meant missing my Lady-in-Waiting and many other folks I see too seldom, and go to the reception today. I consoled myself that I'd be able to get "some" of the event vicariously. When folks got home at 8 (they left at 10) I was still grading (halfway through the Placement tests, but all the rest of the grading was done). So I got to hang out and talk to folks for a few hours before I collapsed into bed.

The reception was today, and it was wonderful--lots of really nice people. The Past Grand Patron and his wife even came down from Watertown! Duchezz got some prezzies, there was some silly, and most importantly we got to see friends in a fun, relaxed setting.

The Homecoming/Reception was in Amsterdam, which is about 50 miles east of Utica. Duchezz decided not to take the Thruway and instead we went out Route 5. I don't think I've ever been on 5 east of Little Falls before. As we were going through we passed some beautiful old houses (clearly built with old river profits), and one that I'm sure was there during the French and Indian War, based on the architecture. I added a number of places to the "Saturday-bored-lets go for a day-trip" list.

Now I'm going to finish watching the NY v. NE game, then grade the rest of the placement tests, and then write the test for my English 2 class.

For all the crazy, and all the tired, it was a great weekend. But, damn, I really could have used a Tardis--one just a bit more reliable about time targeting than the Dr.'s, please.


Oct. 12th, 2011 09:59 pm
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Duchezz has headed off to Grand Chapter OES. I made dinner for us before she left, then spent the night grading and entering data into my Blackboard gradebooks.

She gets back Sunday evening, then Monday morning heads off to Albany for the week for work. Then we go to a wedding (happy dance). This is going to be weird.

Okay--stabby pains in the forearms and in shoulder sockets say "Stop typing, moron!"

I'll listen for a change.

Except, I'm doing my annual walk to raise money for breast cancer research this Sunday--here's the link to my page. I'm well under goal, so if you have a spare dollar or two, I'd be grateful (seriously, I'd be jazzed if I made my goal with folks giving $1 a piece!)

Here's the link to my donation page. My thanks to anyone who can help.
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1. Duchezz was installed as Matron of Winfield Chapter #418, Order of the Eastern Star of the State of New York last night. Her Patron, who is a friend of ours, and was a friend of Morguhn's, disappeared just as he was to be installed, and reappeared dressed as a knight, complete with crested helm, coif, halbrek, chausses, mantle, and ceremonial sword (he borrowed them from his Scotish Rite [the Shriners] temple), in order to "Make Right Worthy Loie feel more at home." It was a wonderful, touching, funny gesture, especially since the day before he fell Morguhn had decided he would join our Chapter so he could be Patron with her. The mantle was even green.

2. I got my report (I'm the chapter historian) written and delivered. Four pages, single spaced, and no one ever complains it's too long, so I guess I must be doing something right. Of course that meant no school related work got done yesterday between 3 and chapter. And we ran very long, so no work got done when I got home. I either need a longer pipe on my snorkle or to just inhale the damn water and get it over with.

3. Had a conversation of sorts, small one, with someone who has been thoughtless and unkind lately, about that thoughtlessness and unkindness. It is a start, but I am not hopeful. The most tangible result of the conversation was a nightmare that was clearly, directly, connected.

4. I'm fairly convinced I have angered two ladies, one across the continent and one somewhat closer, and I'm not sure exactly what I did or how to fix it. :-(

5. Fairly convinced I am not only suffering from clinical depression but that its shopping buddy paranoia has come along for the trip.

6. Tomorrow comes the great stove adventure. The delivery people "don't coordinate with third parties" and the gas company "would have been happy to coordinate when we called, but we "didn't give us a time range then." Um, because ... oh, never mind. *Sigh*

7. I would really, really, really like to remember what fun is--fun without interpersonal dramah undertones, awkward revelations, guilt about squandered time....Maybe in December. I can hope.

8. By the way--you all have saved my sanity for the last 14 months. Thank you.
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Still unpacking my brain and tubs from Pennsic, and trying to get all the "fun" in I can in the next 3 days. (Pennsic was good, under the circumstances, but under no definition I can think of would I classify it as "fun.")

Considering I was up until 3 AM, waiting for Sam to come home, and got up at 6:30, it's no wonder I crashed when I got home from helping with the funeral luncheon for Marge Chase's mom (96 years old, and happily on her own until 4 years ago). I NEVER nap, but I fell asleep for about 30 minutes--sometimes the body wins.

The Tale of the Sam-cat )
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In which Our Heroine provides detail )

Oh, yeah--and saved a blackbird, but that's a whole other story.
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Managed to do some knitting last night, so maybe the SockSwap folks won't kill me (but bruises are likely).
Duchezz got home, we had dinner.

I called the Dicea on 'diceamas Eve since I won't be anywhere near a phone tomorrow (driving to
Long Lake with the Wonderful Jane and our Worthy Matron Debbie).

Sunday if going through Boy things to see if anything is worthy for the church rummage sale, as well as those clothing items that no longer fit us. I will be working on my online class.

Monday I may be meeting my friends Shelley and Joe in Syracuse for a meal, otherwise who knows, except I will be working on the online class.

There is it. Not sure what it means.
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The name I have for this icon is "tired." I need to come up with one that I can label "sleepwalking" and one I can label "coma." Yeah. That'll happen.

So, I'm sleepwalking.
Flat out day, came home. In the 1.5 hours I had before we had to be at the Temple for District Deputy Visitation (remember the "A, You're Adorable" nightmare?) I had to walk the dogs, feed myself, make sandwiches for the DD (two loaves of bread, no waiting), answer student emails, grade if possible, rehearse one last time (thank you midi file), tart myself up for the night....
Duchezz came home about 45 minutes before we had to leave, fed herself, fed dogs, tarted herself up, and we were on our way.

Sometime[ profile] msmemory and I will have to compare notes about "how to help our Sisters reach their full potential." Suffice it to say that it was a bit uneven. But it's done.
After helping clean up the Temple (we have a sit down sandwiches and cookies spread after the DD), we headed home. Arrived about 10:40. I came upstairs after putting away our share of the leftovers, changed, worked on my online class--tried is more like it--not really much accomplished. Now it's down to wash up, take meds, and then try to get into bed before midnight. I'm not optimistic.

(Damn music was a step or two too low, so now my voice feels like hamburger from trying to project to fill the hall. Just another service we provide. However, the DDGM, DGL, and most importantly, the women in the two Chapters [we do a combined DD] seemed happy with it. I'll call it a win and spend tomorrow sucking down tea with lemon and honey. Yes, there are some professionals reading this [yes you, Ms. Chicago Lyric Opera] who are probably saying "Honey, suck it up--it was 2 minutes of pop." Okay, that's fair. But if I didn't whine, I wouldn't have anything to saaaaaaaaay.)

Gray Sunday

May. 3rd, 2009 12:43 pm
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For all that the day is gray, so far so good.

Why I love my little church )

So, it's do some work, go to rehearsal for Wednesday night's District Deputy Visitation (I'm singing "A, You're Adorable"--just shoot me now), and then Duchezz and I are going out dinner to celebrate 17 years and 364 days of keeping the promise not to kill each other, no matter how tempted we sometimes are. ;-)

Then it's home to more grading, more pug snuggles, and seeing if my cat is speaking to me yet.

Be good to each other.
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It is May Day. Lady Day. Beltain. All good things. I am wearing spring green. I am smiling. On the outside.

Coming back from Wampsville this morning (whew--one thing checked off the stress list) I noticed the trilliums are in bloom along the highway. Good things.

Tonight I go with Duchezz and the Wonderful Jane to a Grand Matron's visit, wearing the new gown I got on sale (SIZE 6!!) and Duchezz will be wearing the gown I found for her, that she loves. Happy Anniversary, a little early, sweetheart.

Tomorrow we come home, get the dogs, and with luck, I will be able to watch the Derby. Not wearing silk taffeta, as I did 18 years ago, the first Saturday in May.

Not wearing a crown of flowers.

Not surrounded by friends, and joy, and hope.

But the jockey's granddaughter will watch the Derby, with a Duchezz, and pugs, and kitties, and bourbon.

Lots of bourbon, perhaps.

And still, there is love.

"And the greatest of these is love."
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...too little me.

But I'll manage, somehow.
meirwen_1988: (tired) Grand Matron's Visit to go.
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Getting together the basket for the Grand Matron's visit on Saturday. Theme--"A St. David's Tea."
Lots of yellow silk daffodils, some leeks (on a tea towel), Knorr Leek Soup, Welsh Tea cakes, Tawny Marmalade, Cream Scones Mix, Prince of Wales Tea, a cup with daffodils on it, a vase with daffodils on it, some Double Gloucester, and a recipe for Welsh Rarebit. Couldn't find a little Welsh flag. All pretty in a basket.

Tuesday morning had small Le Creusset bakeware for CHEAP, just the right size for two people. Buy!

The funniest thing that happened all morning (okay, other than me running around shopping before noon, which is just unnatural) was in Tuesday Morning I found "The jacket." Background: Two years ago Chadwicks had this lovely jacket (summery, white linen with flowers) that I really wanted. Finally I ordered it, and they were out of that particular pattern, so they substituted a close match, which was okay, but not the one I *really* wanted. Last week Coldwater Creek was doing a promotion where if you took in business casual jackets or pants they would donate them to a "starting over" women's foundation, and give you 35% off a similar item. So I took in some (more than I bought), and one of the pieces was the linen jacket, because, frankly, rhiannon14 and I would now fit together in the jacket, and still have room for one of the cats.

So, in Tuesday Morning what did I find? BOTH jackets--the one I'd just donated, and the one I really wanted in the first place. And the one I really wanted was...wait for it...there in my size! AND CHEAP.

My magic blade of shopping power strikes again!!

(Now if my magic blade of teaching power would just strike and actually have more than two students make an online deadline I could actually feel useful.)

I think the only solution is to go have tea and a piece of the still awesome soda bread from Tuesday.

And for those of you paying attention, today is the feast of San Giuseppe, so go out and eat lots of yummy bread, cakes, and fava beans--red sauce optional.
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Duchezz is home safe from her trip to the Capitol District. All trained and empowered. Yay!

Today's agenda is try to catch up at work after completely foobaring last night, then it's time to prepare for the weekend. And the the agenda this weekend? All the stress, all the time.

Saturday--Blades and Blarney: an event I love, appreciate beyond words, and hope I have the strength for.

Sunday--OES line officers for the district I am very uncomfortable in (part of it, for which Duchezz will get no end of CRAP for leaving early), then on to the (late arrival at the)benefit for the children of the Shire member who has advanced cancer.

Here's a seldom heard cry--"Please, oh please can it be Monday!"

(I think I'm going to be very thankful for the inventor of bourbon by the end of the weekend.)
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9:15 meeting on Learning Communities went well.

I have no idea what to do in film class today.

This will be a week of much work, which is good.

Congratulations to the wonderful Jane (a.k.a. Orianna Fridrikrskona's real momma) on getting her appointment as Grand Representative to Oklahoma. Duchezz volunteered us to help with fundraising so that Jane and (maybe) Skip can go to the triennial convention in October. For Jane, yeah, I'll do it. Frankly, there's damn little I won't do for Jane or Skip.


Home safe

Nov. 20th, 2008 10:42 pm
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Snow was bad, edges of road invisible, but Duchezz was great--only scared the sh** out of me a dozen or so times. Very scary, but home safe.

Now we are watching Eleventh Hour which is both interesting and has "good scenery." As soon as it's done were going to bed. Tomorrow the Forester goes in, we hope for the last time, to get the stuff done they were supposed to have done before we got it.

'night all.
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I can't wait until Saturday is over and I can perform this damn song and get the stupid lyrics out of my head.

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Saturday madness went well. Winfield Chapter's 100th Anniversary celebration was a great success. Our floor work looked good, the program was well-received, I did not have a "Robert Goulet moment" (which I feared on any number of levels), and the technology cooperated for the PowerPoint display in the chapter room. All in all, it went well.

We came home and collapsed and were all in bed, asleep, before 11.

Today I got up and went to Mass, then came home, picked up the sweeties, and we went to the LFD donation breakfast. Did our part, came home. Then I packed up Ping and headed off to the Wiggle-Waggle-Walk-a-thon.

There were hundreds of dogs of various shapes and sizes, lots of children, and many responsible parents. It was a delight. Let me just say I have never seen so many well-behaved dogs and kids all in the same place. And our boy?? I'm bursting with pride. He was incredibly well-behaved and calm, and practically raced through the course! Funniest moment was when a huge (and I do mean huge) grey Great Dane decided to say "Hello" in true doggie fashion. Ping's response was simply a "Hey...oh, well, okay, 'Hi'" and kept going. He got many treats, much praise.

I came home to find most of the roof of the porch in the yard. Okay, the top layer--wood frame is still on top. The Duke was sitting in his rocker, Duchezz having gone off to get plywood. We now have solved part of the mystery of why the roof of the porch put so much strain on the support posts. FIVE layers of asphalt shingles, in addition to the originals. Good grief. But, by snow fly we should have new roof on the new part of the porch. Yay! (and I am much relieved that the roofing materials are for the porch and not the upper roof!)

Later there will be grading, but right now the Ping is getting much deserved cuddles.

Busy busy

Sep. 18th, 2008 02:43 pm
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On list of things to do today:

Go to dept. meeting
Drop off Wiggle-Waggle Walk-a-thon pledge sheet for walk on Sunday (benefit Steven-Swan Humane Society)
Get AV equipment to talk to laptop for PowerPoint show for big anniversary thingy on Saturday
Get protein for dinner
Finish PowerPoint presentation
Call Marge to cancel Gershwin rehearsal
Rehearse Gershwin alone
Bake bread and cookies for Saturday
Grade papers
Make dinner
Stop by lodge to take pictures to put in PPoint
Do lesson prep for classes Friday
Collapse in exhaustion

Damn, I think I was supposed to do that last thing last.


Aug. 21st, 2008 02:38 pm
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So, I'm doing the Powerpoint history presentation for Winfield Chapter 418, OES, State of NY, 100th anniversary celebration. Getting to find out what $15 dollars in 1908 equals in 2008 dollars, among other totally useless pieces of information.

Yup--the fun never ends.

In case you were wondering )


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