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To all the knitters and other thread workers, I'd like to pass along this link:

Kim is an amazing lady, scholar, and designer. For those in the SCA, she is Master Kenhelm's niece, and talent runs strong in that family.

Check out the site!

Very tired

Jun. 1st, 2008 11:31 pm
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though I don't know why. Still catching up?

Well, I'm halfway through the first of the three surprise loans from the Comtesse. That particular book has been on my "to read" list for more than two years, so I thought I'd start there. Perfect in every way--exactly what I needed. Thank you, again.

Spent yesterday alone (Duchezz on OES trip to Sonnenburg Gardens [which she says have noticeably declined since she was last there] on Duke to Melee Madness). So, I watched The Bretts Vol. 1*, which I'd ordered from Netflix. Perfectly lovely. Made me a bit sour, though--I really miss my PBS and Masterpiece Theatre/Mystery! fixes. Grumble grumble.

At Mass today we got the news that Father Healy is out of his coma, sitting up, and trying to form words. This is good news.

Went with The Boy to see the fourth Indiana Jones movie. I was perfectly satisfied (not to be confused with claiming it's a good movie) and entertained.

Made roasted vegetable soup for dinner. I have been requested to "not forget how [I] did it." I'll call that a win.

Duchezz and I stayed up to watch our third summer obsession's season premier. Looks like Who's the Next Food Network Star? is going to be another edition of Who's the Next Bozo Who's Going to Get a 6 Show Contract and Then Vanish? That's okay. The show is still entertaining. And not as much with the swearing as Hell's Kitchen. Of course, there's a conflict with the show Morguhn's been looking forward to (In Plain Sight on USA), so I'll have to get the VCR warmed up and figure out whose most likely to watch his/her show on tape. If this is the biggest problem I've got to deal with, I'm thankful.

Looking back on the short week (Sunday and Monday being holidays), I came up with three FOs (2 knitting, 1 embroidery), did some cleaning and gardening, walked more than 3 miles on two different days, cooked some, read some, and tellied some. All in all, I'm happy with it.

*More on that later--strange nostalgia resulted.
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Spent too much money on yarn yesterday, but I may have what I need to make more prezzies. Some are little and take only two nights, which rocks.

Am trying the next stage to sockiness, so I bought some sportweight yarn I can wear and decided to use myself as a guinea pig. So far so good, but, of course, I haven't gotten to the tricky bits yet. However, the cabled top looks okay (and how can anything look bad in bright peacock?). Probably I won't get to anything else until Friday night since I have Eastern Star both tonight and tomorrow night. Sigh.

I wish I could embroider as fast as I knit. Snarl.

Oddly enough, wearing blacks, browns and greys exclusively this week is helping me deal. There is something to these mourning rituals after all.


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