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To all the knitters and other thread workers, I'd like to pass along this link:

Kim is an amazing lady, scholar, and designer. For those in the SCA, she is Master Kenhelm's niece, and talent runs strong in that family.

Check out the site!
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Having sent my own socks off, I was finally able to open the package that has been taunting me!
Awesome wooley goodness )
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I received a yummy soft envelope in the mail.
That I will not allow myself to open until I put a yummy soft envelope in the mail myself.

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I haz a code.

Really--the crud that stole my voice earlier in the week has now grabbed my sinuses and is wreaking havoc. Screwed up the vision in one eye because of pressure, excessive fluid...well, you get the idea. Right on time. Typical. Spring break started today. *Sigh*

On the other hand, the day was fine and clear, driving home the sun was shining, and I was listening to this. Loud. There's something about metal and a symphony orchestra that does a girl good. You can keep your Barry White, baby.

Then I came home and played with sticks and string for the sock swap.
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Spring Knitty is up and I am doomed. Doomed I tell you.

All because of this.


And on an entirely different note, this is a good idea why?


Feb. 5th, 2009 10:06 am
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I bought a new knitting book. It is [ profile] wyz_azz 's fault.

I bought a remainder book at Barnes and Nobel that I thought both [ profile] wyz_azz  and I would like (since we swap books). So that's her fault, too.

I bought The Three Lives of Thomasina. That was Patrick McGoohan's fault, since he died, which reminded me about the movie.

So, clearly, I am a child of the 21st century since everything I do is someone else's fault.

*finger to chin, winsome smile, curtsy*
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There's this...
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I'm thinking of making these:

Mostly because they're pretty, and when it comes to knitting I seem to have severe ADD. And I need an excuse to buy really fragile yarn and new needles.
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why I ordered bunches of this? Do I need to say which color I ordered the most of? Do I really need to say that if it is as yummy in person as it is on the screen why there will be more More MORE?!?!?

I didn't think so.

(I really need to get that profile shot of her laughing in evil glee for an icon.)

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Well, the Aran Cable socks from Knitpicks have been frogged again. Last time it was 85% of the cuff. This time was more painful--I was 3 inches into the foot. However, a sock you can't get on isn't very useful.  For some reason the cuff didn't want to expand enough. I remember seeing on a list that the cuff's fit was tight. My solution was to do a short cuff (about half the pattern length). Nope. Hmmm.

On the bright side, I may have solved my usual foot problem. Whenever I knit socks the entire heel area, to halfway up the foot ,is too big. I shifted down to 0s on this (one needle size), and through some contortions I think I have determined that that part would have fit perfectly.

I think I'll stop working this pattern (which is too bad, since I've finally got it in my head) and do a simple pair with self-striping yarn and work on getting the foot to fit right (see if it was a fluke or a save), then go back to these. Which means the Brigit socks (from Ravelry) will have to wait, since they involve yet more cables.

To make life even more interesting, these are calling my name. Got the pattern, now to get the wool. They're just funky enough I might try to wear them with garb, though I think a different color, and I may adapt the pattern a tiny bit and knit the hand in the round. I hate seams (cause I'm lousy at them).
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...cause my mind has skipped ahead to autumn. Colors, scents, clothes. Probably helps that the house has been a little chilly all day.

Hey knitters, anyone know of a lovely, yet fast working, pattern for a triangular short shawl (points stop no more than waist length). My office gets cold, but putting on a sweater is often more trouble than it's worth.
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Having finally figured out (with diagram, patient explanation for the third time, and actual use) the wonderful toy [ profile] patrikia gave me LAST YEAR (sigh--I despair of myself), I now am wondering how I ever lived without it. And just how hard it would be to make more, using different beads, for counting various patterns.

Damn enablers!
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....Saturday is Knit in Public Day, and we haz place: Rome Knit in Public.

We might be able to put something together to get there for a couple of hours. Let me know if you're interested and maybe we can coordinate.

Very tired

Jun. 1st, 2008 11:31 pm
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though I don't know why. Still catching up?

Well, I'm halfway through the first of the three surprise loans from the Comtesse. That particular book has been on my "to read" list for more than two years, so I thought I'd start there. Perfect in every way--exactly what I needed. Thank you, again.

Spent yesterday alone (Duchezz on OES trip to Sonnenburg Gardens [which she says have noticeably declined since she was last there] on Duke to Melee Madness). So, I watched The Bretts Vol. 1*, which I'd ordered from Netflix. Perfectly lovely. Made me a bit sour, though--I really miss my PBS and Masterpiece Theatre/Mystery! fixes. Grumble grumble.

At Mass today we got the news that Father Healy is out of his coma, sitting up, and trying to form words. This is good news.

Went with The Boy to see the fourth Indiana Jones movie. I was perfectly satisfied (not to be confused with claiming it's a good movie) and entertained.

Made roasted vegetable soup for dinner. I have been requested to "not forget how [I] did it." I'll call that a win.

Duchezz and I stayed up to watch our third summer obsession's season premier. Looks like Who's the Next Food Network Star? is going to be another edition of Who's the Next Bozo Who's Going to Get a 6 Show Contract and Then Vanish? That's okay. The show is still entertaining. And not as much with the swearing as Hell's Kitchen. Of course, there's a conflict with the show Morguhn's been looking forward to (In Plain Sight on USA), so I'll have to get the VCR warmed up and figure out whose most likely to watch his/her show on tape. If this is the biggest problem I've got to deal with, I'm thankful.

Looking back on the short week (Sunday and Monday being holidays), I came up with three FOs (2 knitting, 1 embroidery), did some cleaning and gardening, walked more than 3 miles on two different days, cooked some, read some, and tellied some. All in all, I'm happy with it.

*More on that later--strange nostalgia resulted.
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Just thinking out loud )

Knitting etc. )

Heading into town briefly (meeting, pharmacy) but mostly at home today. I figure since I don't get to eat AT ALL tomorrow, and nothing for half of Friday, I can eat whatever I damn well please today; so, we're having pot roast, potatoes, veggies, and I'm going to eat sugar cookies until I go into a coma. Okay, Rowan pointed out that with me that means I'll probably eat four, and she's right, but, well, it's the principle of the the thing, dammit!
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Mostly food stuff )

Have a consult Monday--routine, no worries--so I had to cancel my Monday classes, therefore next week I teach on Tuesday, and that's it. With luck I can get caught up and not have much to take with me to MA (assuming I or we go). And I'm taking some knitting. Maybe if I take a couple of my U.F.O.s I can finish one of them. That'd be lovely! So much wool, so little time.

Time to start dinner. Ta!
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Well, the fighters are home--exhausted but happy. They brought my wonderful prezzie from Patrikia, delivered via sillyviking. Gorgeous stitch markers with black kitties--and, I must confess, a mystery. First thought was rosary, but count was wrong. R suggested a sock measurer. Methinks not. Me not smart enough. Vague recollection of conversation, but brain bad--no remember. Lovely, but a complete mystery. What is please?

All our teams lost today--the Redskins suffering the worst, but that was expected. However, I don't think anyone expected them to lose by...wait for it...45 friggin' points.

Bears got beat. Four interceptions, 3 in the end zone, will do that. Brian Griese needs to copy the poster from Brett Favre's Bowflex commercial: "I will not throw into coverage."


Work got done (mostly), rest was had (some), puppies and kitties are happy. I made stew (for today) and soup (for later), but no baking--couldn't get up the energy.

Mostly tried to avoid thinking heavy thoughts, and just recharge. We'll see if it worked.

Found out today both Rowan and Morguhn will be home Wednesday. Whoo hoo! Can you say pork roast, and squash and turnips, and pomegrantes and apples? Hard cider and Soul Cakes? What a treat. Yippee!!! Since we didn't have a single family holiday dinner last year (not even Christmas), this will be wonderful. (And yes, Ysabeau--you did hear the battle cry of "Midnight Margueritas!" Of course, we'll be sound asleep come midnight, but the thought is there.) As I rake the lawn this week I will think of an October night and full grown adults, and a blissfully barking Samoyed, piling into a mountain of maple leaves under a star-filled October sky. Of laughter that made the ghosties and ghoulies recoil to spend All Hallows Eve somewhere else. Perhaps the best Hallowe'en I've ever known.


Sep. 21st, 2007 10:01 pm
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posting from home using dial-up. Bored.

For the record--egg whites, fat free faux egg stuff, and fat free cheddar, even with chili powdered chicken, onion, peppers and peach mango salsa, still tastes like faux egg and fat free cheddar.

I'm just sayin.'

And thanks to Tonks for the pug sweater hints!


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