Jun. 10th, 2008 12:21 am
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can we has norml week now? Noz mor partieses, or weddingses, or banquetses, or other places where is too much fud? K? Thnx.


Feb. 15th, 2008 11:28 am
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For the WW crowd: Hostess Cinnamon Streusal mini-muffins in the three pack/6 packs to a box are 1 point for the package!!! And they taste good. Yay--coffee cake is back in my life!

Valentines was subdued but nice. Salmon, wild rice pilaf, roasted asparagus. Chocolate candies for dessert. Boy found imported chocolates and bought big box to share. Duchezz found me orange jelly sticks dipped in chocolate. Then we watched "Duty Free" TV on G4 and the oddest CSI (the genuine, the original) we'd ever seen. Early to bed since we all were nodding off during Grissom & Co.

Have to find garb for Saturday--not sure what will fit in a non sack-like way. I may burn store credit cards this afternoon and get clothes. I have to keep reminding myself that there is a big difference between what's hanging in my closet and what is something I can wear to work. The flipside of success, I guess.
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Check out new userpic--me in my single digit jeans. There really is a little bitty waist under there, but the sweater hides it since sweaters aren't selected for the waist dimension. Some things, however, only a scalpel will whittle down.
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12th Night )

Just saw a disturbing (on many levels) commercial: the new Honda Odyssey commercial. Visually appealing, somewhat blasphemous,* with "Barracuda" by Heart for the music. I don't know whether to smile or write an irrate letter. Hrmph.

*for those who honor the old gods, not for people who honor the god of Abraham.
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Since our apples trees are groaning, I batted my eyelashes at the Crust Queen and said "Pie?" I even mentioned that I had a pound of the very bestest "goode whyte greese" in the frig.

There was pie. Made the right way. It needed about 10 more minutes in the oven. Ooops--guess she'll just have to try again!

The killer is that it blows my diet in a major way, but I'm willing to eat a diet that is 75% rabbit food in order to eat pie. Pensive )

Today's Whine )

But at least the day started blissfully--lying in, "puppy" sleeping by the bed, "kitten" sleeping curled around my ankles under the sheets, two Welsh tea cakes for b'fast, and a good cup of tea in bed. Priceless.


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