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It was a cold, rainy morning, but I had made up my mind to go for a walk on the 840 trail before I hunkered down for the grading extravaganza of the day. So I headed out. Managed to forget my wallet again, and, yes, the cheerful yellow "Needs gas" light came on on my way to Utica. But I borrowed from Peter to feed Paul, and continued on my way.

When I got to the trailhead there was only one other car in the lot (unusual), due no doubt to the fact that is was 45 degrees, raw, and wet. So I set up the audiobook, zipped up the coat, tightened my hood, and hit the trail. The trip out was pretty quiet. Only passed two people, and neither of them had a dog. Which may explain why on the way back there were so. many. birds.

I love birds. I have to love them from a distance, since I really am very attached to breathing, so going for a walk where birds are is ideal. There are usually ducks, robins, and redwing blackbirds (they're pretty cocky, and don't get flustered all that easy). Occasionally I'll see an oriole, the occasional cardinal, and get bossed about by a bluejay. But today there was a mating pair of goldfinches, right by the edge of the road.

Goldfinches make me very happy. Oh, I know they're actually rather bad-tempered, argumentative, pushy little things. Bullyboys in the bantam rooster sort of way. But they always make me happy. On a grey, wet, cold day the brilliance of the male's bright feathers, and the female's subtle shades brought a smile to my face. We regarded each other as I went past, me seeing them, they seeing me. Sharing the morning, without sharing anything more. There was a bounce to my step after that hadn't been there before, not even after I'd seen the male redwing shaking water off his wings so thoroughly that there was a huge red blaze against the sky.

When I got to the car I switched out of the wet coat into a dry one (I'd remembered three coats, but not my wallet *face palm*), and got ready to go. But when I reached to turn on the ignition, I glanced out the front window, and sat back without turning on the car. I stayed that way for just a few moments, looking at the lawn and enjoying the sight: a Canada gander, goose, and 4 fluffy goslings walking across the grass.

It was the best cold, raw, rainy morning I've ever had.
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  • So, I was out in my car today when the "near tornado" weather came through. Smart enough to pull over to the shoulder during the first, stopped and parked in a store lot for the second. The second was definitely the worst, with the car moving very alarmingly and the peanut sized hail. When I went into the grocer's the power was out. They did, however, have all the refrigeration and registers on the backup generator. But it was a bit...odd, shopping in the dimness, with all the employees hanging around with a sort of "deer in the headlights" look.
  • Made it home, and now there is the cooking and the baking. Ah, and finally watching Jonah Hex, which, in fact, is not as bad as reported. If you like lots of mindless mayhem, and comic-bookish plots. Fortunately, I do. I can profoundly enjoy deep, intellectual art--but sometimes I just want things to go "Boom!" It's a "Boom!" kinda day in Meirwen-land.
  • Also, if anyone has a Dreamwidth invite, I would like one. I want to back LJ up given all the issues lately. Thanks.
  • Oh, and one last thing--the Thundercats new iteration premiers Friday. The trailers did not look awful. However, I must say that having watched part of the marathon of the one, the original Thundercats earlier this week, it was really pretty. And bad. So really my bar for the newest one has come down a few pegs. ;-)


Jun. 26th, 2009 10:17 am
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...started with a thunder bumper and the exit of the Bartlett administration.

I find myself missing the rain--the grey wet is depressing--the rain was like a wonderful blanket insulating me from the world.

Soon it is to grade papers I go, let the puppies run for a few hours before they go to the kennel, then pack for Pax.

Apropos of nothing, this morning I saw a headline that claimed that the two celebrity deaths yesterday marked "A Sad Day for Generation X." The headline puzzled me then, as it does now. I have lived for almost 2 decades in a house where the birth years are separated by 7--the elder from the tail end of the Baby Boom, the younger from the beginning of the Gen X era. Actually, more of my friends are Gen X than BB. And I have a hefty group that are Gen Y (but don't tell my students--it would ruin my old-foggy cred). And I've talked to them about art, and pop culture, and and and...

Michael and Farrah were Boomers, so I'm not sure why this is particularly a Gen X loss. Maybe it's the whole "older sib" thing. Maybe. But frankly, I'm at a loss to understand it. And yes, I listened compulsively to MJ's Off the Wall and Thriller, and loved Farrah's seasons of Angels. Yes, in Michael we lost a talent of amazing ability (flaws and all), and it shakes the foundations of certainty any time an iconic figure (oh, go ahead, tell me that Farrah wasn't iconic) dies, let alone two in one day. But I'm really having trouble with that headline.

Of course, all the ruminating could just be trying to avoid grading. *Sigh*

Yeah, yeah, I'm going.
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Well, we were going to take trash and recycling to the place in Utica where we do that, then catch a movie.

We got up to snow, the fallen and the falling. We are staying home, playing various versions of handheld games, watching the CSI marathon on Spike!, Duchezz dosing, eating of easily prepared food, petting the pugs, just being.

Tonight we will watch TV, and have promised to stay up at least until it's midnight in London, England. I figure it's a pledge we can keep.

Tomorrow there will be college football, more Nyquil, perhaps knitting and reading. I may update my LibraryThing, or do the Year in Review meme. Post a house "wishlist" for 2009...who knows.

Today my spirit is held together by duct tape and chewing gum. I will make myself some tea, eat a cookie, and try desperately not to think.

Wish me luck.
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Duchezz is home and safe.
She had to stop once to clear ice buildup off the windshield, but otherwise just took it slow and careful.

For those who have been worrying about us coping without the 6 ft., 250 pound snuggle-able shoveler, in the van is a somewhat lighter, much less snugglable snow removal apparatus, courtesy of the sergeant and the major.

We even have gas for it.

We are blessed.

Additional notation:
She got it out of the van. Rather than do something that would damage herself (I gave her that look), or go and ask the neighbor to help her lift it out of the van (I swear she has a Y chromosone--must be XXY, that's all I can say), she backed the van through the 8 inches of snow the 20 feet to the porch and rolled it out the back onto the porch.

Yeah, it worked. So did getting up on the porch roof for 9 years. But then...

Love her. I promise not to kill her.


Dec. 19th, 2008 01:20 pm
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I am home and warmish (as warm as one ever is in our house when the wind is coming from the Northeast).
Snow is falling--tiny, sandy flakes, but a lot of them.
That makes the roads treacherous. Treacherous roads are sort of "condition normal" for about half the time between mid-November and mid-April around here. A pain, but a familiar one.

The real problem is the wind, which is producing steady whiteouts.

Duchezz has to travel 25 miles home from Utica, over said treacherous roads, through whiteout conditions.

Good thoughts appreciated.

Home safe

Nov. 20th, 2008 10:42 pm
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Snow was bad, edges of road invisible, but Duchezz was great--only scared the sh** out of me a dozen or so times. Very scary, but home safe.

Now we are watching Eleventh Hour which is both interesting and has "good scenery." As soon as it's done were going to bed. Tomorrow the Forester goes in, we hope for the last time, to get the stuff done they were supposed to have done before we got it.

'night all.


Oct. 29th, 2008 11:37 am
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Driving in was...interesting. Quite a variety of conditions. Who knew you could have so many different challenges in such a short distance.

I have an interesting blue-green smudge on my forehead, almost like ashes applied by a none-too-steady priest. Oh well--that'll teach me.

Rough night.

Plugging along.

One of my students from this summer stopped me in the hall a few minutes ago. She said, "Uh, Ms. Mink, I heard a terrible rumor. And I'm hoping it's not true. How is your husband?"

And then there was an answer. And a hug. "How did you hear?" "Well, I talked to Debbie, who'd talked to TJ,...."

And now, despite my complaints about the job and the students, you know why I keep doing this, and would rather do this than any other job I've ever had.
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Quiet night, mostly. Duchezz called twice, worried about me because of the weather--did I get home okay? Would I be able to get out in the morning? How much snow did we get?

I did my best to reassure her, with only limited success. She feels, I think, that she must worry for me as he did, take care of the things for me that he did. This added to the part of those that she had always taken for her own. Her shoulders are not that broad, and I hope she learns that before she breaks under the yoke of too much obligation.

And, of course, home alone I did the usual stupids. Really creamed my head on the edge of a table, so focused on drying off the shivering pug that I forgot how much a squall hood limits vision. Lump on forehead that will hurt even more tomorrow. Le sigh.

Got much grading done. Good. Ate some food. Good. Finished his rainbow sherbert (for which my throat was grateful, but it burned my spirit).

And a Legend called tonight. To offer condolence. To reassure that he'd known, but wanted to give us time before he intruded on our grief. To say how he grieved himself because "he and I were so damn much alike." And they were. It was good, and hard, to hear that voice from so far away, wistful for man he'd seen too little, but connected with so deeply. And so I told him, as I have so many others, of the brightness of the day, and the brightness of his heart, in those minutes just before the world ended. It made him smile, I think, for there was a lightness in his voice after. That, of course, was the goal.

The blessing is it is also the truth.

To bed now, after heating up puppy pads, and feeding kitties. Tomorrow will come. I wish I could just sleep through it. Sleep until bright smiles come to my door on Friday. But, I suppose, the puppies and kitties would resent that a bit. Bless them.
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So, snow. Nasty, icy, wet, dangerous, snow. 24 miles of it. Up and down hills and around curves. Oh yeah--are we having fun yet?

But, I made it home, Jiro got his first experience of snow beneath his paws, and now he and his brother are arguing over a nylabone. Just another Tuesday in paradise.

On a not so happy note, a shire member needs prayers, as does her husband. Yes, Coppertree does not seem to be the place to be right now. Except maybe it is. The people in this shire are amazingly supportive of one another, and at times like this that can make all the difference. Perhaps they are exactly where they need to be.

Apparently she had a dream last night that Morguhn gave her a stern talking to about how she was to handle this mortal challenge. Her husband takes comfort that she has such a remarkable Guardian Angel. So be it.
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There's one heck of a thunderstorm here, with rain like somebody opened a zipper in the sky and the water is just pouring out.

I am not in a tent.
I am not in a pavilion.
I will not have to spend the day walking around in mud.

Life is good.
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I got the 4th class's grades done.

As the day is unbelievably gorgeous, I think I will leave my windowless office and go where the sun shines. Even though I walked 4.5 miles this morning before I came in (which is how I had my sad conversation re: The Disney Store), I may go take a walk on the 840 trail. Weigh in is this afternoon. I should be fine. Not where I want to be, but within the prescribed limits.

Then home. Duchezz is home tonight, so I may just go up to my room and do the last class. Then I can to the syllabus I need for Monday tomorrow between spring cleaning spurts.

Yup--sounds like a plan.

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So, what is it today? A response to inauguration and my happiest new thought--one thousand, four hundred fifty-eight days until Bush leaves the White House, and counting...? Nope.

Who won the football conference championship games? Nope.

The sad realization that Bruce Boxleitner’s occasion brilliance on Babylon 5 were the exceptions, not a real indication of his talent (if you’ve any doubt, watch Young Blades on PAX)? Nope.

The Supreme Court saying the random use of drug sniffing dogs at random traffic stops is legal? Disturbing, but no.

It’s cars. Again. Thursday we got the bail money together to get the Mazda out of garage jail. Saturday, trying to get home in the killer snowstorm, it decided it wanted to go back. For the SAME THING. Grrrrrrrrrrr. My poor mate froze trying to make phone calls. The snow was coming down with ferocity, the temp was in the single digits, there was a wind--the first house he found someone in was about ¾ of a mile away from where we’d been able to pull over. The woman (3 cats, 1 dog) wouldn’t let him in the house to use the phone. She made him stand on the unenclosed porch. He could barely hold his fingers steady by the time he punched in (futilely it turns out) the number for the fourth friend who might be able to come and get us. [Honestly people, stay home!] By the time he got back to the unheated car he was shaking so hard the car was vibrating. We were lucky enough to draw a tow truck operator who decided to take us home, even though triple A wouldn’t pay for it.

You know, I get the whole “Stranger danger thing—but she had a DOG! Hello! It was dangerously cold. Criminy.

I swear, if the garage tries to bill us for this repair (since it’s exactly the same problem, which means they DIDN’T fix it), the local papers will get deluged!


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