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I took this picture out my car window this morning with an vintage, zoom less, iPhone. You can clearly see the two Canada Geese Preschool teachers. If you look closely, you will see multiple taupe colored spots around them. Those are the _24_ goslings they had with them. The rest of the adults in the flock were off foraging elsewhere. These two were with the goslings, and at the top of the hill near the driveway was another who is clearly the crossing guard/security officer. Twenty-four! Wow. (someday I'll learn how to use iPhoto--but today "is not that day."

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It was a cold, rainy morning, but I had made up my mind to go for a walk on the 840 trail before I hunkered down for the grading extravaganza of the day. So I headed out. Managed to forget my wallet again, and, yes, the cheerful yellow "Needs gas" light came on on my way to Utica. But I borrowed from Peter to feed Paul, and continued on my way.

When I got to the trailhead there was only one other car in the lot (unusual), due no doubt to the fact that is was 45 degrees, raw, and wet. So I set up the audiobook, zipped up the coat, tightened my hood, and hit the trail. The trip out was pretty quiet. Only passed two people, and neither of them had a dog. Which may explain why on the way back there were so. many. birds.

I love birds. I have to love them from a distance, since I really am very attached to breathing, so going for a walk where birds are is ideal. There are usually ducks, robins, and redwing blackbirds (they're pretty cocky, and don't get flustered all that easy). Occasionally I'll see an oriole, the occasional cardinal, and get bossed about by a bluejay. But today there was a mating pair of goldfinches, right by the edge of the road.

Goldfinches make me very happy. Oh, I know they're actually rather bad-tempered, argumentative, pushy little things. Bullyboys in the bantam rooster sort of way. But they always make me happy. On a grey, wet, cold day the brilliance of the male's bright feathers, and the female's subtle shades brought a smile to my face. We regarded each other as I went past, me seeing them, they seeing me. Sharing the morning, without sharing anything more. There was a bounce to my step after that hadn't been there before, not even after I'd seen the male redwing shaking water off his wings so thoroughly that there was a huge red blaze against the sky.

When I got to the car I switched out of the wet coat into a dry one (I'd remembered three coats, but not my wallet *face palm*), and got ready to go. But when I reached to turn on the ignition, I glanced out the front window, and sat back without turning on the car. I stayed that way for just a few moments, looking at the lawn and enjoying the sight: a Canada gander, goose, and 4 fluffy goslings walking across the grass.

It was the best cold, raw, rainy morning I've ever had.
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Elaine Gjertsen
Caitlin Deirdre
Colleen B------(privacy requested)
Joan Goodfellow
Ellis Searles
Mary Anne Wilkey
Lorna Czarnota
Laura Canfield
Jane Waks
Tami Crane
Linda Blowney

I started doing the Walk for the Cure because of Elaine. I wish, though, I didn't have quite so many other reasons.

Still, I take some comfort that six of these women can still answer my emails, and 5 of those are 3+ year survivors. Nonetheless--looks like I need to find more Walks for the Cure and get my shoes on.

Love you, Linda! You can beat this. For real.
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So yesterday I made pumpkin muffins. Recipe needs some tweaking, but overall successful. Today there is soup in the crockpot.

It was a beautiful day for the Mohawk Valley Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk (thank you again to everyone who contributed). I got there in plenty of time for the team photo (you'll be lucky if you can see the top of my head wherever they put it up), and then ended up walking the whole way with the VP for Learning and Academic Affairs, who is a theatre teacher/director in her non-admin incarnation. So we talked about books, and plays for the entire 2 1/2 miles. It was nice, but I don't know what my colleagures thought of it. The President even got a bit of brushoff from her as we were deep into conversation about various versions of "The Scotish Play" (she won't say Macbeth. I said, "I'm no longer in the life, so I feel rather comfortable with it," but then switched to the common pseudonym to make her more comfortable). Oh well--if anyone had problems with it, I can't do anything about it. We had a lovely conversation, on a bright cold morning.

Now I'm upstairs watching the Bears try not to suck (nice almost-interception there, Cutler), with the pugs sleeping beside me. In a bit I'll get to the grading. As Sundays go, I'll call this one a success.
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On October 17 I will be doing our local Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walkathon. If you would like to help, here is my pledge page.

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Duchezz and I took the pugs for a walk along the 840 trail today, their first outing of the year. It was lovely, if a bit humid and warm for the little guys. I posted some pics over on my Facebook page, but here is my favorite.

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literally and figuratively.

So,yesterday an amazing number of amazing people came and
took out my AC
installed windows
built windows
installed more windows
fixed our tool shed
cleaned Morguhn's shop
raked/blew leaves
vacuumed and wet vac'ed rugs
cleaned gutters
insulated the pump house
put up snow fences


There is still more to do for the winter, but it is mostly inside stuff, and can be done by Ro, me, and 2 or 3 others, a bit at a time.

People are bloody amazing.

So we collapsed last night, and got up bright and early and went to the VFD for breakfast, then the Walk Against Breast Cancer at 9:30. WE FROZE!!! but it was for a good cause, and the walk itself was very pretty, just a little challenging, very nice. But it was friggin' FREEZING.

Then ran some errands, including picking up this month's copy of Renaissance Magazine since Wolf told us yesterday that there was a great picture of our own Koredono in it. Yup--there is a huge spread of Pennsic pictures (not this year's)--many the same as are in the wonderful Pennsic calendars. So we picked it up to use for demos, etc.

Then home, moving some stuff, and waiting for Baron Daniel who's coming over this afternoon just 'cuz.

Then tonight it's grading midterms and entering midterm grades.

Color me tired but filled with the love of good, caring friends.

I am blessed.
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Saturday madness went well. Winfield Chapter's 100th Anniversary celebration was a great success. Our floor work looked good, the program was well-received, I did not have a "Robert Goulet moment" (which I feared on any number of levels), and the technology cooperated for the PowerPoint display in the chapter room. All in all, it went well.

We came home and collapsed and were all in bed, asleep, before 11.

Today I got up and went to Mass, then came home, picked up the sweeties, and we went to the LFD donation breakfast. Did our part, came home. Then I packed up Ping and headed off to the Wiggle-Waggle-Walk-a-thon.

There were hundreds of dogs of various shapes and sizes, lots of children, and many responsible parents. It was a delight. Let me just say I have never seen so many well-behaved dogs and kids all in the same place. And our boy?? I'm bursting with pride. He was incredibly well-behaved and calm, and practically raced through the course! Funniest moment was when a huge (and I do mean huge) grey Great Dane decided to say "Hello" in true doggie fashion. Ping's response was simply a "Hey...oh, well, okay, 'Hi'" and kept going. He got many treats, much praise.

I came home to find most of the roof of the porch in the yard. Okay, the top layer--wood frame is still on top. The Duke was sitting in his rocker, Duchezz having gone off to get plywood. We now have solved part of the mystery of why the roof of the porch put so much strain on the support posts. FIVE layers of asphalt shingles, in addition to the originals. Good grief. But, by snow fly we should have new roof on the new part of the porch. Yay! (and I am much relieved that the roofing materials are for the porch and not the upper roof!)

Later there will be grading, but right now the Ping is getting much deserved cuddles.

Busy busy

Sep. 18th, 2008 02:43 pm
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On list of things to do today:

Go to dept. meeting
Drop off Wiggle-Waggle Walk-a-thon pledge sheet for walk on Sunday (benefit Steven-Swan Humane Society)
Get AV equipment to talk to laptop for PowerPoint show for big anniversary thingy on Saturday
Get protein for dinner
Finish PowerPoint presentation
Call Marge to cancel Gershwin rehearsal
Rehearse Gershwin alone
Bake bread and cookies for Saturday
Grade papers
Make dinner
Stop by lodge to take pictures to put in PPoint
Do lesson prep for classes Friday
Collapse in exhaustion

Damn, I think I was supposed to do that last thing last.


Sep. 17th, 2008 11:02 am
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You all are amazing. Thank you!
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...because of Elaine Gjertsen, and Caitlin Deirdre, and Colleen Bolton, and Joan Goodfellow, and Ellis Searles, and because I'm tired of people I know dying and living in fear.

Edited canned information below...

I have chosen to help make a difference by participating in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, and I hope you will join me by making a donation in support of my effort.
I hope you will support my efforts by making a donation using my personal online fundraising page. It's safe and simple. All you have to do is click the link below and follow the few easy steps. Last year, 450,000 Making Strides participants raised $45 million ... and they did it one donation at a time. So, whether you're able to give $5 or $500, every bit truly does help. Hope starts one dollar at a time. Hope starts with me. And hope can start with you.
Thank you in advance for any support you may be able to offer.

The American Cancer Society state fundraising notices can be reviewed at:
Click here to visit my personal page.


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