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Still unpacking my brain and tubs from Pennsic, and trying to get all the "fun" in I can in the next 3 days. (Pennsic was good, under the circumstances, but under no definition I can think of would I classify it as "fun.")

Considering I was up until 3 AM, waiting for Sam to come home, and got up at 6:30, it's no wonder I crashed when I got home from helping with the funeral luncheon for Marge Chase's mom (96 years old, and happily on her own until 4 years ago). I NEVER nap, but I fell asleep for about 30 minutes--sometimes the body wins.

The Tale of the Sam-cat )
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Mass for me. Vacuuming for her.
French toast.
Errands, including first cider purchase of the year.
Answered email, hunted for thank you cards, knitted/crocheted depending on who you're envisioning.
I cooked for the first time in more than two weeks.
Shower. Dinner.
I graded papers. She did laundry.
She found more photos.

She's gone to bed. I'm on my way.

Yes. We did all these things. You can live two things simultaneously, we've found. There is the life we do. And there is the life we feel. They sometimes have very little in common, except that they share the same moments in time. The life we do moves us through the days, and even appreciates some of those moments for their beauty, or humor. The life we feel you might imagine right now.

Tonight, just as we were getting ready for bed, Sam found a new perch. She was posed like a cat in an ancient Egyptian statue. On the box we've housed his ashes in--the box he and his brother made to hold his county coronet.

She was very elegant. Very much Daddy's girl. Watching over him.

Good kitteh.


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