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Today was remarkably busy. I got up (overslept a bit, so I missed Mass), did tea and toast, then packed up the dogs and the brownies and headed out. I dropped the brownies off in West Winfield for the scholarship barbeque (the Winfield Masons and Eastern Star hand out $1000 scholarships at graduation; the number is based on how much we're able to clear on our two scholarship BBQs--last year we handed out 12). Then I gassed up the car and headed to Utica to take the boys for a walk on the 840 trail.

When I got there it seemed excessively warm for 10 in the morning, but the boys were eager, there are a number of places they can drink along the trail, so we headed out. All was well until, at one of the drinking spots, Jiro decided to chase a frog. Into the water. Which was rather deep. And the boys are on a coupler, so I made a dive and hauled him out so he wouldn't drag Ping in with him. I must say he was quite willing to come out--he was a bit surprised, but not unduly frightened.

So, we continued. Ping readily drank at multiple opportunities. Soaking wet boy, nada.*Sigh* But, I reasoned, he's wet, so not overheating. We got to the midway point, where there are a couple of closely placed stretches where the path is completely shaded at that hour of the day, we slowed down, Ping drank more, Jiro didn't. So I turned back around. At this point the boys were walking more in the grass than on the path (which I can't blame them for). We finally got to their favorite drinking spot, and Ping laid himself down in the mud and refused to move. Which meant, finally, Jiro decided to actually drink. Which was good. But Ping was covered in mud. Bad.

So, after letting him cool down, I picked him up (by the harness, which allowed for the next part), and dunked him up to the rib cage in the flowing water. He didn't seem to mind a bit! So, I held him there for a bit, with Jiro looking on nonplussed, then put in him the grass, in hopes that walking through the grass (as they had been doing) would finish the job the water started. Well, that worked--sort of.

We headed home, where I continued with the weekends housework adventures, then took advantage of the newly white bathroom to take a long, luxurious shower before heading off for Belltower #118, OES NYS rehearsal. When that was over, we spent about an hour setting up for Tuesday's DD Visit.

Home to puppies, finishing To Light a Candle, and catching up on this and that (including waiting for Duchezz to get home from War Practice.

And then I saw that Robin had died.

He'd been ill for awhile, and there is no sense of surprise, but there is a deep sadness. For Barbara, who has watched her sons die in reverse order of their births. For Lesley and Barry as they lose another younger sibling. Barry as he completely loses his writing partner, adversary, collaborator, little brother--a very different thing than their on-again, off-again estrangements.

I never enjoyed Robin's solo efforts, but then I don't enjoy Barry's. Their work together, though, was magic--whether writing of coal miners saying good-bye to loved ones while saying hello to death, or capturing the Alice in Wonderland veneer that painted over a deep despair in the 70's, or the humanity of a baby brother dead, children marrying, and marriages that stood the tests of fame and time.

The voices of huge swaths of my life are being stilled, one by one.
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Every spring Ping and Jiro both have weepy eyes. They are the allergy boys, Jiro somewhat worse than Ping. This explains the perennial bottle of children's Benadryl on the counter. It's something of an axiom that if my allergies are bothering my lungs, Jiro needs Benadryl.

Ping's allergies tend to be more skin related (I think, among other things, he's allergic to Timothy grass--not good when you're the same height as the grass). But in the spring, he gets a bit runny eyed. So when his eyes were runny last week, I didn't pay particular attention. But Sunday it looked like he was squinting with his right eye. I asked Duchezz to look at it, see if she could see something wrong (I couldn't see anything specific), and thought nothing more about it. Last night I had my face buried in a book, so didn't notice anything.

This afternoon when I got home he really seemed to be favoring it, so since it was daylight, I took a look. It looked like there was a blister on his eye, and I freaked. I called the vet, and they got me in within an hour (AMAZING!). Of course, by the time I got there the "blister" had been proven to be a big gobbet of eye-goo, so I was beginning to feel a bit foolish, but he was still not opening the eye all the way most of the time, so I thought the vet wouldn't laugh at me too much.

So we got in and the vet looks at his left eye. I'm thinking--"Uh, Doc, it's the right eye with all the goopy stuff around it and only half open." Note to self--we go to this doctor for a reason.

Point the first. I was right, there is an ulcer on his right eye. It's smaller than I thought, but there (and he let me see it--using a cool green dye and blue light; almost like an episode of CSI, without the bodily fluids "ick" factor). Asprin, Benadryl, and a topical eye drop with lots of good medicine, 4 times a day for 4 days, and he should be okay. With that.

Pigmentary keratitis. Basically, dark pigment is spreading throughout his corneas, worse in the left eye. It's probably related to how hard it is for pugs (and French terriers, and bulldogs) to distribute moisture fully over the whole exposed surface of the eye, which leaves it vulnerable to multiple damages and infections. Untreated, he will go blind. That's the left eye. Until the ulcer on the right eye is healed, we can't be sure about that one.

So, on the table, is a little pile of meds for the Ping. Half a baby asprin once a day, to reduce the inflamation, which is aggravating the ulcerated eye. Benadryl three times a day, since it's likely the ulcer is because he was scratching at the eye because it itches. Neo Poly Dex Ophthalmic for the left eye, because the Dr. thinks an infection is behind the PK. Refresh liqui-gel drops (the same med my ophthalmologist told me to use when the cyst in my eye bothered me) to be applied every night at bed time to help lubrication.

The only med NOT on the table, that I wish was, is the tranquilizer for the Meirwen-mama.

But tonight there was ball chasing, and dinner eating, and now he's stretched out beside me snoozing (where I can put my hand on his leg to stop him from itching at his eye). I suppose having him sleep on the pillow beside my head is totally out of the question. *sigh*
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Today after dropping a substantial percentage of the most recent paycheck at Petsmart, as I was leaving a lovely, tall, elegant black woman was leaving with her "just-groomed" puppy, complete with little bandana. I looked down at the enthusiastic, wiggly sweetie and couldn't help but smile. I looked up at her and said, "How adorable? How old?"

It took her a moment to thaw--I don't expect she's often addressed in a friendly way by suburban-looking white women, especially not about her dog. She then visibly relaxed and said, "Six weeks! Can you believe it?" She scooped the little boy puppy up and held him so he could sniff me and I could let him give me little puppy kisses on my hand. "Oh, he's wonderful. What a sweetheart!"

"Yes. He's my little lover boy, and that's how I'm going to raise him." There was strength, and conviction in her voice. And maybe anger? And maybe fear she wouldn't be able to keep her promise?

He was a beautiful little white pit bull puppy, with just some small bits of black here and there. Gentle, and sweet. As they are if they're raised with love and kindness. Clearly already devoted to his mistress.

I hope she is able to keep him hers. Keep him safe.

What a sweet little dog.
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I went and saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen when I got done with work today. Not as good as the first, but not as bad as Roger Ebert said. Still, I think I see a rerun of the first in the near future.  Saw trailers for The Last Airbender, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Marlon Wayans as "Ripcord" may be one of the best casting decisions I've seen in a long time), Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, 2012, and Surrogate (which I'd heard nothing about, but may have potential, based on what I saw). Lots of dark in the months ahead.

Dinner tonight was a delight. Saturday, because Duchezz had come to Hamilton to pick me up since it got very dark before I noticed Friday night, we had to go back to Hamilton to pick up her truck (thank you Hamilton PD for not putting a ticket on it). So, since the Farmers Market is Saturday, we visited. We got some lovely produce from one of the local farmers, including some local snow peas. We also picked up some pork chops from the Old Order Mennonites. As we walked away Duchezz remarked, "We're probably going to get ruined for pork now, the same way we were by the free-range low-science chickens."

So, tonight I dressed the chops in a simple flour, salt, and pepper prep and put them in the iron frying pan with a tiny bit of olive oil and fried them very simply. I blanched the snow peas, then sauteed them in a little olive oil, with a little sesame seed herb blend. OMG!! I'd forgotten how wonderful pork can taste when Dean Ornish and his ilk aren't calling the shots. What a beautiful, succulent chop. The meat was as lean as you could ask, and surrounded by lovely, tender fat that browned up beautifully. And there's nothing like produce that hasn't travelled in a refrigerator truck and sat in a packing box for an unknown period of time. The only way it could have been better would have been to cook it Saturday (but that wasn't an option).

Then, in a pure coincidence because Duchezz held back one of the pies she made for the bake sale, we're having the last of the blackberry rhubarb pie for dessert tonight. The blackberries and rhubarb were both picked from our yard--the blackberries last summer (not to be confused with the blackcaps), and the rhubarb this spring. Okay, I'm gonna go finish my food-gasm. Ta!

P.S. Duchezz and I just spotted P.C. (Porch Cat) crossing the road with B.C. (Baby Cat). This is the first B.C. sighting, and now the Duchezz is all worried about the B.C. crossing the road. Logic is not prevailing. Suggestions to her regarding options (I provided half a dozen) to address the situation are for naught. *Sigh*
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My boy had me desperately frightened. That'll happen when your fuzzy wonder suddenly demonstrates crippled movements and a left rear paw and lower leg THREE times the size of the other ones.

Crippling gut cramps doesn't begin to describe my reaction.

However, no broken bones, not even a sprain. While it is impossible to know what it is at this point, best judgement is bee/wasp/hornet sting on pad.

Swelling started to go down today, he's eating and being more social (i.e. not hiding under my bed anymore and wanted downstairs for food).

Huge sigh of relief.
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So, we had a plan, agreed upon Thursday, confirmed Friday. After an OES rehearsal this morning we were going to either El Canelo or The Balkan for lunch, go to Lowe's and/or Home Depot to acquire needed items. And then, most importantly, heading to the theatre to watch The Fast and the Furious: New Model, Original Parts.

But, well, the dogs. Were the cute.

When we took them out this morning Ping was reluctant to come back inside, rolled on his back exposing his little pink tummy to the sun...

So, we went to rehearsal. And lunch--El Canelo in Utica (I was much less happy with this one than the one in Oneida). And Lowe's and Home Depot (we even replaced the wheelbarrow Massachusettes squire destroyed in September). And we stopped at the evil liquor emporium and I acquired a truly self-indulgent bottle of Bordeaux.

And then we came home so that the little four leggeds could run around in the sunshine. Duchezz used the new wheelbarrow to collect the astonishing number of shingles that fell into the yard this winter. Everyone is back inside, the NFL Draft is on, and all is well.

It's a plan of salad for dinner, then wine and cheese later in the evening. An early night, early Mass, and then getting ready for the reception for RW Jane, Grand Representative to Oklahoma.

Two weeks and one day left in the semester have the students in a panic, but we'll be fine.

At home, there is pain, there is loss, but the sun came up this morning, the four leggeds love us, and we have wonderful friends.

One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.
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1) Drop boys off at "camp"
2) Hold office hours
3) Write film test for Monday (Cinematography and Acting, if you care)
4) Make "Learning Unit 3" live on Blackboard class
5) Meet up with Jane and Skip at Cedarville Fish Fry
6) Go to bed early
7) Pick up [profile] wyz_azz  and [profile] drd_pyrat  at Thruway at 5:20 AM
8) Drive to Crossgates
9) Go to NYC with Concordia

You wish you were me--admit it. No one will think less of you for it (though they might question you sanity, but that's a totally different issue).

P.S.--Dear Universe: If you thought giving one of my friends a nice big promotion was compensation for laying off multiples of them in the last 2 months, well,


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So today we attempted busy.

I made oatmeal in the crock pot last night to get us off to a brave start, then we packed up the pugs and headed out.

We began on the Rail Trail where the pugs acquitted themselves well after a relatively sedentary winter. We made it 3/4 of the way (which is 4 human miles, and 7 leagues in pug steps), and they only needed to be carried a little ways. They were also very good citizens on the path, and we were very proud. Then there was the obligatory Dunkin' Donuts stop after the walk before Duchezz dropped me off at the Fair Jenn's. She is 6 months pregnant, so sitting at the table is a bit tough on her, but we count on these appointments. We talk about everything. At one point, totally out of the blue, I went to pieces. She started pulling tissues out of the box saying urgently, and rather loudly, "Don't don't don't! I'm hormonal!!" Which, of course, made me laugh, and things got back to good.

Then Duchezz picked me up and we went to The Balkan for an early dinner (both [ profile] clovis_point  and [ profile] delcavallo  had recommended it). She had Wienerschnizel and I had Sauerbrattan. Newsflash--they had cabbage I liked!! And since I knew I was going to be home all night, I dared to eat more than a mouthful. It was a very yummy dinner, and we'll definitely be going back.

Then, evil temprtress that I am, I made Duchezz go to Coldwater Creek and use her 25% off coupon. She's been talking for 3 months that she hates everything in her closet, and nothing fits. Well, that's over with!! She has new skirts, pants, tops, and a really spiffy orange jacket! Most of the pieces can be mixed and matched with each other, and I even got her to buy something outside of her color comfort range--and she LOVES it. Then, like someone threw a switch, she had had "enough." We checked out and headed home.

As I was writing this, she, Ping, and Jiro were asleep in her chair (the successor, and upgrade, to the Papasan of group memory). I will head off to bed soon, as last night was one of little sleep. The one benefit of that was that 3 AM I was able to appreciate the moon bright night, where Diana lit my room such that I could read by her light.

And so, good night fair friends.

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-Do not read the Fleur list. This was mentioned before.
-Do not read [ profile] much_ado , especially postings about school, or comments that allude to Pelagius, my favorite church-decried theologian, while having breakfast unless one has the entire day to do research, thinking, and thoughtful responding. Makes you late for work. And you don't get any of the previous three done and it hangs over your consciousness all day like the f***ing sword of Damocles.
-Other people's lives are much worse than my own. Moira is much in my thoughts today.
-Pugs need regular, prolonged snuggles. I am not a solo multipug person. One person, one dog, that's my motto.
-Shite happens. Our secretary had a stroke in the office this morning. I really like her. It appears she's doing well now, but, holy crap, Batman!
-Life is infinitely better with a cup of tea, a piece a shortbread, and a purring kitty. So I'm on my way home to all three now.


Mar. 4th, 2009 11:07 am
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Yesterday was a day of fibery and floury goodness.

I got my March baking order from King Arthur flour, so there will be soda bread, hot cross buns, and scones, as well as the materials for tres chic Easter cookies. Mr. UPS Man was very sweet, as he startled me at the door, the pugs exploded, and my face probably drained of what little color it has. But sooo worth it.

And on the porch when I got home was the box from Knitpicks with all my sock yarn, my shawl yarn, sock patterns, and Harmony dpns. And the yarn I ordered is perfect for my sock swap project, so YAAAYYY!!!

But no knitting for me last night, as the evening was devoted to Dr. Caligari and his cabinet. In which I wax a bit philosophic about the reception of art in various time streams )

But I digress. For those who have never seen Dr. Caligari's Cabinet, if you like the fair Sally (see icon above) and Tim Burton, you may want to. Get the DVD version with the colored sequences, though. It is a strange trip, but ultimately worth it.

This morning started well, but then the little demon dog from hell who is only still breathing because he really is all heart though no head but I swear he pulls this shit again I'm gonna moider him Jiro decided to wander around the yard and not come when called, instead running just out of reach, a trick he in the past only pulled on the Duchezz. I was, of course, in my slippers. And of course, there was snow. And of course he circumlocated the entire house, the extreme boundaries of the property, and even made cornfield forays. Not the happy.

But I made it to work only about 20 minutes later than I'd intended, I am holding my office hours, and then it's on to film class.

There is $$ foo, due to some unethical, and I think illegal, practices by some credit card companies (his) that I have to deal with ASAP, which has taken me right into clinical anxiety hell, but I know how to deal with that, and then I can deal with them.

Ten days to Spring Break. Counting the days.

Okay--time to grade papers.
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We are home.
We have collected the puppies.
A blissfully sodium free, fat free vegetable soup is simmering on the stove.
The Duchezz has been Nyquil'ed and is curled up in her chair.
I have a pot of tea and a book.
We anticipate being Pict-ed sometime today, which is wonderful.

Over the weekend we will head to Ra-cha-cha to see Duchezz brothers, perhaps most senior squire (in longevity) and family, and to deliver peanuts.

Until then, our own house, snowing outside, and kitty cuddles are the order of the day.

As such things are measured these days, life is good. There's a huge hole in the world, our hearts, our lives--but we take the blessings as they come, welcome them, and say thank you.

A good day

Nov. 8th, 2008 11:09 pm
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A wet, cool day, but a good one, as things are measured these days.

My manicurist is a friend, and it takes almost 2 hours to do my nails, so we got to spend time together. The wine stores and grocery stores were cooperative, the bank efficient.

Cleaning the dining room took less time than I feared; dinner was mostly on time and almost entirely consumed (always a good sign). Dinner guest brought a yummy dessert (also mightily consumed) and then we sipped wine and watched Pride and Prejudice. She is on her way home, and I trust her to get there safely.

Duchezz called twice and is having fun.

The pugs have found an empty olive oil bottle and have decided it is "the enemy" and are having much fun. If they were little boys there would be sticks and cries of "En garde"!

Tomorrow is Mass, then stopping by the VFD (maybe for b'fast, maybe just a donation), and then lunch at the Ireland's and Scrabble. None of the stations we get are carrying the Bears game--I was so optimistic, it being the CBS "A" game this week, but no. The locals are carrying the Bills/Patriots (the "B" game) and the NY city station, which we get at the house, isn't carrying a 1 o'clock game at all, but they are running the 4 o'clock (Giants). Phah! I was all excited I'd get to see the Bears (though they will, in all likelihood, get their heads handed to them). Oh well. Scrabble it is (where I will get my head handed to me).

Ah well--that's for tomorrow. For now it is feed the cats, and then to bed.
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So, snow. Nasty, icy, wet, dangerous, snow. 24 miles of it. Up and down hills and around curves. Oh yeah--are we having fun yet?

But, I made it home, Jiro got his first experience of snow beneath his paws, and now he and his brother are arguing over a nylabone. Just another Tuesday in paradise.

On a not so happy note, a shire member needs prayers, as does her husband. Yes, Coppertree does not seem to be the place to be right now. Except maybe it is. The people in this shire are amazingly supportive of one another, and at times like this that can make all the difference. Perhaps they are exactly where they need to be.

Apparently she had a dream last night that Morguhn gave her a stern talking to about how she was to handle this mortal challenge. Her husband takes comfort that she has such a remarkable Guardian Angel. So be it.
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Felt sorry for the pugs when I took them out. Not only is it pitch black, but driving cold rain. Poor puppies.

I felt a little better last evening, but this morning I feel like absolute crap. Stuff has moved out of my head but my throat is still sore and the congestion has moved to my chest--always such fun when you're an asthmatic. Whine--it's what's for breakfast.

Well, that was just before 7 this morning. It's almost 1:30 now. I am snug in my office at work, was able to sit with the campus crafters (who meet at noon every day) and work some on a prezzie, and now I'm trying to be productive.

Still feel like crap, but at least I feel like productive crap.

I'm experiencing a new flavor of grief today. Not better, not worse, just different. Probably something to let sit for a bit before I try to talk about it.
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So, the doctor says, "Keep him calm."
The doctor says, "Don't let him run around much, if at all."
The doctor says, "Don't let him jump."

Doctor failed to give us puppy knock-out-drops.

On the other hand, no collar of shame, seems completely unaffected by the missing marbles, and is generally the usual insane little bugger he usually is.

Ping is unimpressed and wishes to emphasize how pleasant last evening was.

I try to explain it is an imperfect universe. Ping is more unimpres...oh look, a cookie!
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-Ping is really enjoying his "little-brother-free" evening.
-As of 4 PM Jiro was "resting comfortably."
-Picked up car. Has some bells and whistles I hadn't noticed, and when the regular finance guy got in he made some calls and got me a loan with a different bank for 3% less than I'd originally been quoted. I win.
-We got home and there were OMG pretty flowers in a box on the porch from a wonderful lady and her wonderful knight. Thank you.
-Duchezz helped me grade some midterms tonight. She's wonderful.
-Broncos are sucking beyond my ability to comprehend.

All of which is going on on the deadened surface. Where the nerves are it's a different story.

Tomorrow is the 21st of October. The day my world shattered also was the 21st. The 23rd was just a detail. It all ended that sunny Sunday, the 21st of September.

Tomorrow will be harder than today, and today was plenty hard. Nietzsche was an idiot, and I'm not so convinced about the never being given anything more than we are strong enough to bear. I am tired and going to bed early.

And the November AEstel arrived today. Rowan is weeping.
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Mass for me. Vacuuming for her.
French toast.
Errands, including first cider purchase of the year.
Answered email, hunted for thank you cards, knitted/crocheted depending on who you're envisioning.
I cooked for the first time in more than two weeks.
Shower. Dinner.
I graded papers. She did laundry.
She found more photos.

She's gone to bed. I'm on my way.

Yes. We did all these things. You can live two things simultaneously, we've found. There is the life we do. And there is the life we feel. They sometimes have very little in common, except that they share the same moments in time. The life we do moves us through the days, and even appreciates some of those moments for their beauty, or humor. The life we feel you might imagine right now.

Tonight, just as we were getting ready for bed, Sam found a new perch. She was posed like a cat in an ancient Egyptian statue. On the box we've housed his ashes in--the box he and his brother made to hold his county coronet.

She was very elegant. Very much Daddy's girl. Watching over him.

Good kitteh.
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Saturday madness went well. Winfield Chapter's 100th Anniversary celebration was a great success. Our floor work looked good, the program was well-received, I did not have a "Robert Goulet moment" (which I feared on any number of levels), and the technology cooperated for the PowerPoint display in the chapter room. All in all, it went well.

We came home and collapsed and were all in bed, asleep, before 11.

Today I got up and went to Mass, then came home, picked up the sweeties, and we went to the LFD donation breakfast. Did our part, came home. Then I packed up Ping and headed off to the Wiggle-Waggle-Walk-a-thon.

There were hundreds of dogs of various shapes and sizes, lots of children, and many responsible parents. It was a delight. Let me just say I have never seen so many well-behaved dogs and kids all in the same place. And our boy?? I'm bursting with pride. He was incredibly well-behaved and calm, and practically raced through the course! Funniest moment was when a huge (and I do mean huge) grey Great Dane decided to say "Hello" in true doggie fashion. Ping's response was simply a "Hey...oh, well, okay, 'Hi'" and kept going. He got many treats, much praise.

I came home to find most of the roof of the porch in the yard. Okay, the top layer--wood frame is still on top. The Duke was sitting in his rocker, Duchezz having gone off to get plywood. We now have solved part of the mystery of why the roof of the porch put so much strain on the support posts. FIVE layers of asphalt shingles, in addition to the originals. Good grief. But, by snow fly we should have new roof on the new part of the porch. Yay! (and I am much relieved that the roofing materials are for the porch and not the upper roof!)

Later there will be grading, but right now the Ping is getting much deserved cuddles.
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So, looks like St. Francis decreed that August 12 would be Victor Echo Tango day for Caer Cinniuit and the Cinniuit diaspora. After much nagging, the "8 year old" made the vet appointment and took her dog to the nice people at Burrstone Animal Hospital. Where we got degree-supported analysis of what I already knew. Jiro is healthy (mostly), weighs 8 pounds, has hives, and is a boy dog. However, we now have permission to give him benadryl (those hives have to be a misery), instructions to do some gland duct work (in case) [not me, monkey boy], and he has had more shots and is scheduled for, well, a little nip and tuck a bit down the road.

Our vet has this obsession about food and allergies in puppies of all ages (okay, he's right a lot of the time, but that doesn't mean it isn't an obsession), but I don't think it's the food. Jiro has food three times a day, but he usually only breaks out in hives about 20 minutes after he's gone rolling in the grass. Methinks it's the yard, not the food. (But, this will help me make sure that they only get the good stuff for the little guy, and have them not give me funny looks, which is good.) Can't do much about the grass part, so benadryl it is.

Duchezz mentioned that he spit up the stuff they gave him at "the place." Well, given my instructions of what to buy, I don't blame him.
Quote: "Just buy stuff like you would for a small child related to you."
"Oh, dye-free benadryl liquid?"
"That's it!"
So, I go. I read box. Bubble-gum flavored. Blech! No wonder he threw it up.

In other news, got my hair cut again, lunch with Donna rescheduled for tomorrow, and Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Tapioca pudding is AWESOME GOOD!!!
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TAG ate 1/2 a can (Fancy Feast size) of Fish and Shrimp.

I caught him grooming. :-)

He is still very quiet, but these are both things he hasn't done in 5 DAYS, so I am in hopes that he has turned the corner.


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