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One of the pages I read had a guest post this morning that caught my eye. I frequently only skim this particular blog because it often is a bit more political and reactionary than I have the stomach for in the morning (when I usually read LJ), and often is about people I have no reference to, especially since my connection to the larger community that is the focus of the blog has attenuated to a large extent.

But while skimming this morning I saw that the guest poster is someone I knew. When I first connected to the larger Pagan community one of the first persons I met was Cat Chapin-Bishop. I met her through a mutual friend, and briefly became part of a circle where she was one of the leaders. And then we (a group of us) left that circle. There were some of the issues that she addresses in the guest post, but when all is said an done, I think we all parted ways amicably. Still, when I think back to that time the only person there I think of with unalloyed pleasure is Cat.

I find it interesting that she has embraced Quakerism. The first Quaker I ever knew was Mrs. Smith, whose husband was a Methodist minister. She, both through the example of her life and my friendships with her children, informed many of my ideas of that spiritual path. My friend Deborah, who is an observant Jew, also participates in the Quaker community. At some point I will need to do some thinking about Quakerism, and women I know who have embraced it, and the apparent non-exclusivity of spirituality it seems to allow.

I think I see a perfect 40 day window to do some hard thinking about this.
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Got up, made tea, fed critters, then off to the wonderful Ms. Jenn to have my nails done. Stopped at grocery store (WHY did I think that was necessary. Dumb dumb dumb.) Came home (3:15), frantically cleaned up. People started arriving at 3:45. Peter and Deb checked to see that the grill worked, and I made sure everything was ready to stage.

Puppies (Ping, Jiro, and Sara) played, cats acclimated, newcomers were welcomed, and though some had to leave before food was served (I tried to plan for some things, but not well enough), I think everyone had a pleasant time.

OMG there was food. Chicken, and lamb, and shrimp, and hummus, and tabbouleh, and potato salad, and slaw, and fresh tomato salad, and buffalo burgers, and crudites, and wine and hard cider, and beer, and soda, and homemade cannoli (two kinds), and 4 kinds of Ben and Jerry's, and talk, and laughter, and kvetching.



Jan. 11th, 2010 04:52 pm
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Ate some of our wonderful 12th Night gift (fresh eggs!!!). Chicken is not thawed yet, so maybe Wednesday for that. Gobbling the open marmalade in the frig so I can open some jam. It is a happy (and soon to be roly-poly at this rate) Meirwen.

Thank you, Flaxy!!
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Christmas day was lovely and quiet. We had dinner with [ profile] retiredmaj and family, and it was lovely. Amazingly good plum pudding, as well as much yummy that preceded it.

So now it's St. Stephen's Day. After morning caffeine, we headed to town to pick up main course for tomorrow's guests and catch a film. On our way in we got a call from [ profile] emt_hawk and the fair [ profile] svan_1004 . We were able to meet them in New Hartford for a lovely brunch, quite serendipitously. Delightful way to start the day. Did a bit of shopping, then went to see Holmes. Marquee was insane, so we went off to the Uptown. We enjoyed the show (most satisfying Guy Ritchie movie I've seen, though I think Snatch! is a better film). As one friend said, sometimes the FX intruded, sometimes it dragged a bit, but I really liked Law's Watson, and it's becoming a surprising truth that Downey is demonstrating an amazing depth of talent--profound talent.

Then home. Quiet evening watching Shrek the Halls and The Lost Christmas Eve, then the beginning of the end of one of the best Dr. Who runs ever (and as a fan of Baker and Pertwee, that's quite a concession from me).

Tomorrow is cleaning up for guests and cooking. :-)

There is a rightness that on what would have been her 79th birthday I watched a new film of one of my mother's favorite fictional characters.
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There's something disconcerting about being able to do a huge chunk of the Christmas gift purchases at the grocery store by buying gift cards, even when it is, in fact, what the recipients specifically requested.

Feels a little like cheating, ya know?
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Went to Planet Fitness this morning for my orientation. We'll see how it goes. I liked the treadmills at Lady of America more, but the bike at PF is better. It's all compromise.

Waiting for Duchezz to get home, then some housework. Then we go and pick up pizzas to take north, where we will bid "adieu" and "hasta luego" to beloved friends. I hope it all goes well for them. I will miss them.

I think back 11 months and know that we could have made it through that horrible week without them, and the months after, but it would have been harder. I don't think I'll ever be able to say how much of a difference it made to have them here, to have her here. I just hope they know.

Okay. Shower time.
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In no particular order--
A disabled-adult counselor
A software engineer
A Federal judge
A college professor
A professional musician
A stay at home grandma

I'm somewhat stunned to see that I look as happy as I felt.
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Dent and scratch on car--I have to decide whether to call insurance folks. There's a chance the doe is just bruised. That would be lovely.

Picked up new glasses today--they have bling. I'm just sayin.'

It looks like Friday I am going to see friends I haven't seen in decades. My first "real" boyfriend, his sisters, the crowd we ran with (he was from one district, I another, which was quite a scandal since the schools were "arch-rivals"), and even after we broke up, we all stayed close. I was in both his elder sisters' weddings, his mom played the organ at both my parents' funerals....

It will be good to see them all, but on the other hand I'm oddly nervous about it. On the other hand, the first time his mother saw me I was sitting on the porch with Jim, wearing a fringed, brightly colored poncho, and she was worried because I looked a little...weird to be dating her son. Well, it was the 70's!!! Hello--fringe much????? Over time she realized I was no weirder than the Smith girls next door, whose father was a Methodist minister, whose mother was a Quaker, and who both went on to stunning careers in law.

Christmas-time we always went caroling together in Hamilton, even to the Balmuth's, being careful to sing only secular seasonal songs and "We Wish You a Happy Hanukkah" there. We tended to not sing at the Ho's, even though the younger Ho usually sang with us--we couldn't find anything appropriate there.

Then Christmas Eve my dad would drive me over to their house for Christmas Eve cheer before we all traipsed over to St. Mary's to sing midnight mass, back in the day when it actually spanned the midnight hour.

So, it looks like Friday I'll see them all again. And a few others, like Dave who actually did become a professional musician, and maybe lawyer-Lisa will be there, and maybe Gordon (his dad was the Baptist minister who headed the town youth group), and Beth and Judy and...

Well, we'll see. If nothing else, we'll stand around the piano, drink, tell each other lies, and sing showtunes until we're hoarse.

Still a little scared, but thinking it through, more happy than not.
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Musicians tend to find each other. A casual scan of my friends list (both here and on Facebook) reveals a rather enlightening volume of full-time professional musicians, full-time teachers of music, part-time professionals, highly trained and skilled amateurs, untrained skilled amateurs, and that invaluable subset, the sensitive and astute non-musicians who know what they're listening to. Just more evidence I am blessed in my friends.
(There are also a scary number of highly skilled pictoral artists--but that is another post.)
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The event yesterday was hard in all the ways anticipated--in some ways also unanticipated. But, there was a metric planet-load of good as well.

We saw old friends, including [ profile] artisticphoenix, [ profile] gwendolynbasing,[ profile] hawkyns, [ profile] liamstliam, Katherine, Emerson, eLeri, Pierre, and of course our hosts Mathgamain and Dresden. [ profile] svan_1004 and [ profile] emt_hawk made it out, as did the entire German Squire family. Morguhn's portrait, done by [ profile] edana_haukyns,  sat behind the MoL table, and his gear bag rested beside the wall.

After the event the Ruby Tuesday's in Saratoga Springs was able, after a short wait, to accomodate our 10 adult, 1 teenager, and 2 child party. The wait was fortuitous as young Michael had had an adventure involving the tailgate of their truck, his trousers, and the pavement. The young one was fine--not a scratch, much to everyone's amazement and relief--but his trousers were split from cuff hem to elastic waist. More importantly, he was very distressed at the idea of going into the restaurant wearing only his cowboy boots, braes, and a tunic. So while we waited for our tables, the parents took him to Penney's, and he emerged resplendent in a full set of 21st century clothing.

As to the tournament, a Case of Case for His Grace, it was full of laughter, good fencing, and fun as it celebrated the many shades of Morguhn. After the winners were announced, Math had Dalwhinnie and small shot glasses for everyone for a toast (the truly brave took Mt. Dew instead of Scotch). As he stood there, he said that his lady had reminded him that if he really meant there to be a toast, he would have to say something.

"So," he said, "I thought about it, and I realized it really came down to two things--
He was my friend....and I will miss him."
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Duchezz is home safe from her trip to the Capitol District. All trained and empowered. Yay!

Today's agenda is try to catch up at work after completely foobaring last night, then it's time to prepare for the weekend. And the the agenda this weekend? All the stress, all the time.

Saturday--Blades and Blarney: an event I love, appreciate beyond words, and hope I have the strength for.

Sunday--OES line officers for the district I am very uncomfortable in (part of it, for which Duchezz will get no end of CRAP for leaving early), then on to the (late arrival at the)benefit for the children of the Shire member who has advanced cancer.

Here's a seldom heard cry--"Please, oh please can it be Monday!"

(I think I'm going to be very thankful for the inventor of bourbon by the end of the weekend.)
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For those who are interested in the art of fence and knew and loved the Green and Gold one, I share with you this:

Blades and Blarney XII

This is being done with our blessing, and some details were arranged with and approved by us. We will be there. We hope to see many of you that day as well.


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Happy Birthday to [ profile] anglesandlight .

She is in Georgia, which is far too far away. In these last 4 months I have missed her fiercely, for her brand of no-nonsense compassion, our shared sense of humor, and fun together in the kitchen.

Today is her day. Happy birthday sister waterbearer. I hope it's a wonderful day!

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Thank you--

for the good wishes,
for the paper flowers from Philly,
the balloons,
for the beautiful photos today that are now part of my screensaver,
for the YouTubes I will listen to when I get home,
for the emails,
and calls,
and for being my friends.

My mother taught me that every birthday is the celebration of 365 separate victories.
We've shared some amazing victories this year--and I couldn't have done it without you.

If someone's life is judged by the quality of her friends, then my life is truly a great one.

Bless you.

(I'm gonna go eat a scone now!)

A day

Dec. 2nd, 2008 06:05 pm
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The day was feeling mostly normal. Then one of my rocks at work told me her husband has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. He is on the medication, and it is having a positive effect. Still, it is a rotten thing to deal with.

One of the bright lights in the human family lost her father today. While this was not unexpected, there is still the pain, and grief, and the feeling of loss that never goes away.

The Wheel weaves as The Wheel wills.

No one said we have to like it.
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Many thanks to [ profile] hundmathr and [ profile] jlbooth76 for coming over yesterday, moving heavy stuff, being good company, and just generally being great people.

Thanks to [ profile] barondiego who guested in my 10 AM class to give my students some perspective from a West Texas point of view.

To the rest of my friends, ya'll are wonderful, too. If I haven't told you that recently it's not because I don't know it--it's 'cause my brain has been having the dumb lots recently, and I forgets to say.

Oh well

Nov. 9th, 2008 04:27 pm
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I won't be too hard on the boys, losing by 7 to the undefeated Titans.

Jane and I played three games of Scrabble. We split the first two--she beat me in the third by 2 points.

Got home and just missed a call from Richmond. :-(

Now football, food, and grading. Back to the salt mines tomorrow. Is it okay that I'd just really rather stay home?
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I am thankful for my friends.
I am thankful for puppy kisses.
I am thankful for kitty snuggles.
I am thankful I have a job that challenges me.
I am thankful for my friends (it bears repeating).
I am thankful for the love that filled my life for 20 years.

One step at a time.
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So, looks like St. Francis decreed that August 12 would be Victor Echo Tango day for Caer Cinniuit and the Cinniuit diaspora. After much nagging, the "8 year old" made the vet appointment and took her dog to the nice people at Burrstone Animal Hospital. Where we got degree-supported analysis of what I already knew. Jiro is healthy (mostly), weighs 8 pounds, has hives, and is a boy dog. However, we now have permission to give him benadryl (those hives have to be a misery), instructions to do some gland duct work (in case) [not me, monkey boy], and he has had more shots and is scheduled for, well, a little nip and tuck a bit down the road.

Our vet has this obsession about food and allergies in puppies of all ages (okay, he's right a lot of the time, but that doesn't mean it isn't an obsession), but I don't think it's the food. Jiro has food three times a day, but he usually only breaks out in hives about 20 minutes after he's gone rolling in the grass. Methinks it's the yard, not the food. (But, this will help me make sure that they only get the good stuff for the little guy, and have them not give me funny looks, which is good.) Can't do much about the grass part, so benadryl it is.

Duchezz mentioned that he spit up the stuff they gave him at "the place." Well, given my instructions of what to buy, I don't blame him.
Quote: "Just buy stuff like you would for a small child related to you."
"Oh, dye-free benadryl liquid?"
"That's it!"
So, I go. I read box. Bubble-gum flavored. Blech! No wonder he threw it up.

In other news, got my hair cut again, lunch with Donna rescheduled for tomorrow, and Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Tapioca pudding is AWESOME GOOD!!!


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