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...just thought I'd observe that added to my personal list of "makes me happy to watch" that currently includes Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis, is Clay Matthews.

Hmmmm. Yes, that would be a pattern.

Totally unapologetic.

Alright, time to get to work and to start counting the days until Draft Day.
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So, while busily multi-tasking (really important stuff: listening to All Things Considered, uploading Christmas CDs into iTunes, reading football stories, and drinking a Manhattan), I couldn't help but notice how EVERY football story had information about important players on the "Questionable," "Out," and "Injured Reserve" lists. And the league owners and the players union keep talking about a probable lockout in 2011 because they can't come to terms on what the owners really want: an 18 game regular season.

The owners argue that the players won't really be playing any more games than they do already, because they'll shorten the preseason from four games to two. Why? Because A) they can't charge as much for pre-season games and B) the fans don't like the pre-season games. Gee? Really?

The reason fans don't like the pre-season games, the reason owners can't charge as much for pre-season games is.....[drumroll]....they aren't real games. The starters rarely play the entire game, the time they are playing they don't play full out, and, really, the best you can hope for is that someone desperately trying to make the team will show you that he's got the stuff to make him the next Brett Favre, or Brian Urlacher, or Jerry Rice. Otherwise, it's fauxball. In what way, then, does trading two of those games for two regular season games not cause the top 23 players to NOT be asked to put themselves on the line MORE? How is it NOT going to result in a longer "Injured Reserve" list? How is it NOT going to mean more permanently broken men? Earlier. Shortening careers, and lives.

The owners are motivated by money. There's lots of money in pro football. And I'll confess that on Superbowl Monday I go into mourning. Hell, it starts as soon as someone hoists the trophy. But at the same time, when the Superbowl schedule had the game landing in February my initial reaction was "WTF???"

I'll admit I'm biased, but I really think that part of the reason why football (especially at the pro level) inspires the passion it does is because the season is, relatively, short. There are sixteen games. You get 3 months for the regular season (give or take a weekend), a month of playoffs, Done. There is not the interminable NBA schedule, or, God save me, the April to nearly November marathon that is the professional baseball season (sorry, Mom. But, I promise, I'm protecting your Yankees lamp until I find someone truly worthy.)

So, extending the season to 18 games (and don't even get me started on the London and Toronto and Mexico City games--I'll start frothing at the mouth) is...LUDICROUS!! Oh, wait. We're talking about the owners. My bad.

So, here's my thought. The players union should say that they'll agree to the 18 game season as long as A) the owners increase the rosters to 77 (with two starters for each of the 23 positions [I'm not including special teams in this since those are usually double duty--just 11 O and D and 1 kicker[) and B) raise the salary caps on every team by the total amount of the top paid, by position, with minimums in place per position, and C) set hard caps on rookie salaries. So, increase the cap by the amount to the top paid quarterback in the league, plus the amount paid to the top center, plus the amount paid to the .... well, you get the idea. And the owners have to up their contributions to all the player funds by the increased percentage of games played per season (okay, minus 20%--there is a chance of getting hurt in a preseason fauxball game).

And they start guaranteeing lifetime medical coverage for game related injuries or conditions to ALL players signed to a regular season NFL roster, regardless of time played. Right now, it only kicks in after 3 years.

Yeah, I sound like a bitch about this.

Well, the owners have said they will cut off all medical benefits to NFL members and families as of March if there is no agreement in place (regardless of contract terms). "Sorry, son. I know your kid needs a heart transplant, and you're the lowest paid grunt in the league, and you really don't make that much money--certainly not enough to cover the cash amount of $658,800 for a heart transplant, assuming there are no complications. Talk to Peyton--maybe he can loan you the cash: rumor is next year he'll be the highest paid guy in the League. Don't worry, the fact that you sacked him last week won't matter--he's a great guy." He is. But that's irrelevant. You're cancelling the medical coverage, on spec.

Sure, some NFL players are millionaires. By no means all. I'm sorry--they make their owners obscenely wealthy. The owners get NO LOVE from me. They want more games? Fine. Make it worth the players' while. Seriously--they need to look at their injuries lists. The season is only half over. THINK!!!!!!!

A week or so ago Howie Long said on the FOX pregame show that rather than increasing the season to 18 the owners should be talking about cutting it back to the 14 game season, which is what it was from 1961-1977. I'm not on the same drugs Howie is, so I don't think that's even remotely possible as an option right now.

But it doesn't mean Mr. Long wasn't right.
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So yesterday I made pumpkin muffins. Recipe needs some tweaking, but overall successful. Today there is soup in the crockpot.

It was a beautiful day for the Mohawk Valley Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk (thank you again to everyone who contributed). I got there in plenty of time for the team photo (you'll be lucky if you can see the top of my head wherever they put it up), and then ended up walking the whole way with the VP for Learning and Academic Affairs, who is a theatre teacher/director in her non-admin incarnation. So we talked about books, and plays for the entire 2 1/2 miles. It was nice, but I don't know what my colleagures thought of it. The President even got a bit of brushoff from her as we were deep into conversation about various versions of "The Scotish Play" (she won't say Macbeth. I said, "I'm no longer in the life, so I feel rather comfortable with it," but then switched to the common pseudonym to make her more comfortable). Oh well--if anyone had problems with it, I can't do anything about it. We had a lovely conversation, on a bright cold morning.

Now I'm upstairs watching the Bears try not to suck (nice almost-interception there, Cutler), with the pugs sleeping beside me. In a bit I'll get to the grading. As Sundays go, I'll call this one a success.
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I have decided to follow Thumper's father's injunction for the day (at least in outside voice), so....

Yay!!! Bears won!!!!!
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Yup--day started with Bobbie Gentry, Glen Campbell, and the remaining Gibb brothers and is ending with a barbershop quartet and images of Shirley Jones and Robert Preston.

Spectacularly unproductive day, but got to spend time with dear friends, have dinner with Duchezz, cuddle pugs. The Bears sucked, but the Saints pulled it out. Duchezz laughed when I strutted out of the living room singing "Oh, When the Saints, go marching in..." as the coaches hit the field for the ritual handshake. Miami was really threatening there at the end.

Best game of the day, by far, was the Vikings/Steelers. Great D all around as far as I can tell. My criteria? How many times did Ben or Brett end up with grass in their mouths or on their butts? Plenty!! Yeah--that's football. :-) And T got a sack for the Knights, too!!! Good day.

Now it's to bed, and try to salvage tomorrow in the morning when I shall employ my mad coping skilz.

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An old friend who is on Facebook responded to a post I put up with a question: Are you really a football fan.

My answer:

"OMG yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing in the world like 22 well-muscled men in tight clothes and exaggerated physiques pounding the crap out of each other for giving me 3 hours of sheer animal pleasure.
*insert Shirley Temple smile and demure curtsey here*"

I am what I am.


Oct. 11th, 2009 06:29 pm
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So, it being Sunday, and the only game I really wanted to watch ('Skins v. Panthers) at 1 only available on the TV upstairs in my bedroom, I thought I'd take the opportunity to put away summer clothes and pull out winter clothes.

This involved awkward postures, bending, lifting (with the legs when possible, but such was not always possible) heavy things, putting down heavy things...

Why, yes, that is the single worst set of things I can do for my back (well, short of doing The Twist followed by riding a horse cross country, but I digress). Thank you for noticing.

So now I am sitting quietly, watching the Denver/New England game, hoping against sense that the 4-0 Broncos can keep the evil Patriots from winning. Not optimistic, but I have hope.

Later I will grade. And maybe allow myself a bit of bourbon. And a nice, warm bath. Definitely.

(I feel a bit guilty about not being out in the positively glorious autumn day we had, raking leaves and amusing the pugs, but perhaps tomorrow will be equally lovely and I'll do it then. Getting the indoor stuff done while watching men in spandex seemed ever so more important.)

Oh, and I must determine what is best prepared in a Le Creusset Pumpkin. :-)
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And to add insult, I couldn't even watch the only half he played since it was on NBC.


"LAKE FOREST, Ill. – The Bears lost more than their season opener Sunday night in Green Bay.

Star middle linebacker Brian Urlacher will miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery early Monday to repair a dislocated wrist he suffered in the first half of the Bears’ 21-15 loss to the Packers. The procedure was performed by Bears hand and wrist specialist Dr. Tom Wiedrich...."
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*head* *desk*
I'm not sure who I think is dumber. The coach from Minneapolis or the player from Mississippi.
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Got home last night around 8 PM.
At 11 AM today I was on campus, doing my "thang" for "New Commuter Student Orientation." Duchezz collected our little men, who were wildly happy to get home. But they had fun at camp.

We've caught up on our summer obsessions (although America is clearly stupid and got So You Think You Can Dance rankings totally wrong--Jeanine? Are you kidding me? Well, at least "Lovely" has finally left Hell's Kitchen), and now we're digesting dinner and getting ready for an early night and enjoying watching Gibbs slap Tony.

Best of all--injury reports from the NFL mean that soon there will be actual sports worth watching.

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As you may or may not be aware, there's a new football league. It's called The "United Football League" and it currently has 4  teams (in six or seven markets--information on the league site is inconsistent) and will play in October and November of this year. It has former NFL head coaches for some of its teams (Fassel, Haslett, and Green, if you care).  What I find odd is the following statement: "The league intends to place its teams in markets where the NFL has no presence, with an early team being placed in Las Vegas...." Now, my digging around made me wonder about this so I double-checked. This was from a 2008 article, so I checked the League site today, where it said the league "...will cater to those markets currently underserved by professional football."

Okay, so the 2009 teams listed for the league schedule are Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, and San Francisco. Yup, that's placing your teams in markets "where the NFL has no presence." WTF? I wonder how the Giants, Jets, 49ers, and Raiders feel about being "no presence"? Well, okay, the way the 9ers and Raiders have been playing lately they may have a point there, but otherwise....

Somehow I don't get a very optimistic feeling about this.

2009 Draft

Apr. 25th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Apr. 15th, 2009 11:32 am
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In response to getting royally reamed by the IRS, especially good ole NYS's subdivision thereof, I have decided:
We will get a new satellite receiver
I will get local stations
I will re-up for NFL Sunday Ticket,

because life is too friggin' short. Why, yes, "My response to getting robbed is to spend money so no one else can have it!"

Go Bears!

Oh, dear.

Apr. 3rd, 2009 11:26 am
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So, Jay Cutler is going to be wearing a Bears uniform.

Wish I could feel good about it, but Cutler reminds me too much of cry-baby-prima-donna-Drew-Bledsoe for me to think it's a good thing for the Windy City boys.

Really--what we need is a kick-ass D, and a running game (including the requisite hole making ability from the offensive line). No Bears team ever was successful focusing on the air game. EVER. The air game needs to be just enough so that we can use it to distract the other team, not something to rely on.

But what do I know. I'm just a girl.
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Spring Knitty is up and I am doomed. Doomed I tell you.

All because of this.


And on an entirely different note, this is a good idea why?
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Pizzeria Uno had an amazing deal for Superbowl Sunday, so we went there and sat in the bar where we could see the game (sort of). We ate the fabulous deal (seriously--personal deep dish, salad, and dessert for $9.99) and watched the first half. We then ran completely out of steam, so we didn't stay to watch the half-time show (which we really wanted to see, and yes, I know it was awesome. Growl.), and headed home.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that NFL Network was streaming the Westwood One radio broadcast, so I heard much of the game, including most of those all important last 5 minutes. Damn. What a game.

The Snooze Bowl (oh, wait, that would be "Pro Bowl") is also on NBC, so this was my last football of the year. I found it funny that NPR's Morning Edition noted that football fans will now be counting the days until the preseason. Yup. That would be me.

So, Kurt didn't get the second ring (which I really wanted him to have), but the Steelers [even their seriously overrated quarterback] did get theirs. Okay. The team, and Mike Tomlin, deserve them. And, yeah, Big Ben didn't suck this time.

We also watched some of Puppy Bowl V (the cuteness, it burns!), but again, missed the kick ass kitten half-time show. Le sigh.

I also, finally, saw this season's first episode of The Unit--a guilty pleasure [all patriotic macho soap opera, all the time], and suddenly all the other episodes this year make soooo much more sense. But then, I don't really watch it for sense--I watch it for Snake Doctor, Dirt Diver, and Cool Breeze. Yup--I is a red blooded American Girl. My heart may be broken, but I ain't dead. And, frankly, he loved in life the fact that I dug looking at hot men--nothing makes me think he wants me to stop now.
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Things accomplished. Prezzies sent. I think I've taken care of Feb. 14 b'fast, maybe 15th, except for "she who should not eat wheat," but that is still within range of accomplishment.

Laundry put away, bed stripped and remade, now time to work on my Film App PP for tomorrow.

We will hit the road and try to find the game somewhere--wish us luck.
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I'm in the unusual position of feeling sorry for the Patriots, and to a lesser extent the Colts.

With an 11-5 record the Patriots don't make the playoffs--this with the AFC West winner, whether it is San Diego or Denver, having at best a 9-7 record, and potentially an 8-8 record, taking the tiebreaker. Only if it is Denver is there any justice, since they were closed out of the playoffs with 11 wins in 1985.

The Colts have a better record in the AFC than any other team except the 13-3 Titans. Yet, at 12-4, the Colts have to play a wild card game, as a wild card team, while the two NFC leaders, the 12-4 Giants and the 12-4 Panthers, get a bye week.

And the last NFC wild card berth goes to the Eagles. Yes, with a 9-6-1 record, they edged all the other competitors, including my Bears, by 1/2 a game. But, seriously folks--they had a tie because their veteran quarterback, their starter since the 10th game of the 1999 season didn't know an NFL game could end in a tie. WTF?

No, I'm not sure I have a way to fix it. I'm not advocating that the best 12 teams in the league, regardless of division or conference, playoff. Still, it blows.

So, here's to the best. We know who you are.
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...starts now. Mind. Body. Spirit.

Go Bears!
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Well, they probably added more grey to my hair, but in the end they gave me a lovely prezzie. And though Houston is a threat, we could take that game as well, which keeps us in the hunt. But all is not perfect, so....

Dear Santa,

While I know that you are busy with Christmas 2008, if you have a "late delivery" list I'd like to request an offense for the Chicago Bears for the 2009 season. Particularly a good quarterback and a good wide receiver. You see, the defense, and, particularly, the special teams, and their respective coaches, have been very good little boys this year, and I think they deserve to have some help.

Nothing flashy, necessarily, just a good, solid, NFC North capable quarterback and a reliable wide-receiver, maybe one good enough to make the Pro Bowl, unlike all but one of the last 35 years.

Thank you, Santa.


Meirwen and the rest of the Chicago Bears fans

PS--We didn't know if you prefered pizza, or cheesecake, so take both.


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