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Well, that may go down on the list of "worst nights ever" at the number three spot. To give you a sense of scale...

Coming in at Number 1 (as in "the worst") would be collapsing on Runestone Hill in so much pain that the only, the ONLY possible response was to scream. And cry. And scream. Rhiannon flew up Runestone to Chirugeons, and Kyle of Clan Kyle (who was many things, but a competent chirugeons was one of them and while the good he did does not mitigate the bad, I don't want anyone to forget there was some good), who thought I was having a bad trip, called Portersville Ambulance to come and take me to Butler. They took me to Butler Memorial Hospital, where they waited until the alcohol in my system reached a low enough level, then shot me full of Demerol, upon which instant the phrase "Demerol is my friend" entered my vocabulary. We got home around dawn.

Coming in at Number 2 is the night I hemorrhaged so badly that Morguhn and Rowan had to drive me through a snowstorm to the hospital. It was back in the bad old days when my uterus was trying to kill me, and after I picked myself up from the floor from being unconscious, and drenched in blood, I staggered up the stairs to Morguhn's room, woke him and Ro up, and we talked. They called my doctor, who had us come to the hospital. They wanted to give me two units of blood. Then they tried to talk me into one unit. I asked Morguhn what he thought, but, well, for someone who wanted to be a doctor he was pretty useless in that situation. So I said no, they admitted me. I don't remember if it was one or two days--blood loss affects the brain. This only comes in at number two because bleeding to death is strangely peaceful, whereas nerve pain is excruciating. I long ago accepted that I'm one of those who would do just about anything to make extreme pain stop. Not strong. No apologies.

Which brings us to Number 3,
last night. )

Which brings us to today. I need to go to campus to get papers to grade, but otherwise I think all the plans I had are shelved until I don't feel quite so wobbly on my pins. And, except for the oatmeal, I think the leftovers from yesterday are going into the freezer, or elsewhere, to be someone else's issue. My suspicion is that my old sensitivity to tuna and beef is back. Or it could be that there was just too much roughage in the soup, between the apples and pumpkin, for my body's comfort, since I had a more mild occasion of the same sort a couple of weeks ago when I had both baked squash and applesauce. But, I'm taking no chances, and assuming both played a role. So it's a drink lots of fluids and eat clear soup day for me. And maybe I'll pick up a banana. I hate bananas.

By the way--the soup was delicious.
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Moving boxes full of books is on the list of things not to do. This reminder cannot be repeated often enough (apparently, given how frequently it is forgotten/ignored).

Life is made a little better with the promise of beans and greens currently simmering on the stove.
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Someday I will write about these last few days. About cars and pooling. About hemorrhages of cash. About sounds and grindings when LEAVING the place of repair. About Peter and Paul and the robbing and paying thereof.

About Dan and Wendy.

About my 40 year old office mate (active, father of 3, all under 13) who one week ago today had a heart attack, and 6 days ago had quintuple by-pass surgery.

But let it suffice that when Duchezz came home today she said "Hello Adventure Woman. Do I want to know how you bleached your red Forester into a white and grey Outback?" And that tomorrow, in theory, will see "The Return of the Forester."

Most of all, let it suffice that because it is Brighid, I made mac and cheese from scratch, using all the fat and cheddar cheesy goodness. And that tomorrow, because it is Candlemas, I will light a new candle.

Round Two

Nov. 26th, 2011 03:39 pm
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So, Duchezz and I went out early this AM (but 90 min. later than yesterday) to hit the stores EJ had no interest in. We got some things we've been talking about getting/wanted for years (found at Christmas Tree Shop). Then we headed to the big JoAnn's in Northboro so she could get fabric for her Hael Investiture outfit. As I was killing time as she searched, I found a lovely herringbone wool blend (fake, wool, and silk). Very pretty. Checked the price. Had to be a misprint, but, well, I could always changed my mind at the cutting counter. Saw the endcap sign--"60% off, 11/25 all day and 11/26 to 1 PM ONLY." It was 9:45 AM, 11/26. Might apply. I'd find out at the cutting counter.

Duchezz taunted me with a Christmas fabric. Hell, one yard won't kill me.

So, cutting counter. "How wide is the wool?"
"Hmmm. Looks about 58."
Sweet. "I'll take it all." (5.75 yards).
While standing in a very long line, a very nice older woman hands us some coupons she's not going to use. Duchezz takes one, I take the other.

I check out.
Christmas fabric--50% of marked price.
Wool--60% of marked price.
Coupon--25% off selected items.

Bill? $17.46. I win.
Not quite as big a win as the JC Penney score on Friday, but, a massive win. Yes, that means the Friday win was epic.

Then we went to the Wegman's that just opened up in Northboro. The folks out here are...rather overwhelmed by it. *Yawn*

Okay, it is bigger than the one in Dewitt (which is bigger than the ones I've been to in Buffalo, and some of the ones in Roch-cha-cha), but it is bigger because A) it has twice as much seating and twice the number of conference rooms as that one, and B) because it has a complete liquor store, complete with some of the most high end wines and champagnes I've ever seen. And of course the usual selection of import and craft beers.

I think I like the layout of bakery and produce in Dewitt better than here, but I like this ones deli, meat, and cheese layout better. Other than that--it was Wegman's. One of the more interesting shelf selections (their English and Indian import sections were particularly nice), but, otherwise, it felt like home.

So, back we are. I just finished screening CV's for the Sociology position open at the college, and soon I'll head down, say high to folks, and get ready for Turkey!! I feel poorer (cash wise), but content that nothing purchased was wasteful, at least according to the William Morris rule of acquisition.


Oct. 15th, 2011 10:49 am
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So, there was a freezer mishap yesterday. Actually, it was probably Thursday, but I didn't catch it until last night just before bed. The freezer door was ajar, just a bit, and things in the front of the freezer thawed. They were still refrig temp, so the ones that could be I refroze. But there was a bag of fruit, completely defrosted....

So, this morning, I did the decadent and made waffles. With fruit sauce. Nom nom nom.

I have, however, concluded that it wasn't all that totally decadent, as I now have waffles to separate with wax paper and freeze. They pop in the toaster just lovely, and now I have multigrain goodness for the week's breakfasts. I win.

However, next time I think I'll try to do it without the freezer mishap. Just sayin.'
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Yesterday we had a snow day, so I took the opportunity to do some serious cooking! You know--the kind that involves lots of pots, and a variety of techniques, and, did I mention, lots of pots?

I made shrimp etouffee (I don't know how to put the accent over the e). And collard greens.

I didn't get the roux quite dark enough, but other than that it came out fine, and was yummy. And I made enough sauce, rice, and greens, that if I am gentle I can rewarm the sauce, saute some more shrimp later this week, and have it all over again.

(For what it's worth, I use the Paul Prudhomme Louisiana Kitchen for most of my NOLA inspired meals.)

Today there will be pancakes!

Yes--it's all about the food!!

7 of 52

Feb. 1st, 2011 08:47 pm
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What We Eat When We Eat AloneWhat We Eat When We Eat Alone by Deborah Madison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This wasn't really the book I was hoping for. As a quirky, undisciplined collection of what various people do when they are eating along, well--it is. Are some of those entertaining? Sure.

But the recipes are...not inspiring. The vignettes are...flat. Even when they interview someone who is familiar to me (in this case, Laura Calder, author and host of French Cooking at Home) I was left feeling...meh.

I really was hoping for something insightful about how people do in solitary fashion something which has been so ingrained in our psyches as a social, communal activity. There may be flashes of empathy, or bemusement, or shared relief (depending on whether the person is unwillingly alone, extremely quirky, or indulging in the rare solitary meal), but no insight. And no recipes I feel compelled to try. :-(

Oh well.

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Brown seasoned pork shoulder in Dutch oven.
Remove from pan.
Brown pearl onions, baby carrots, and mushrooms in 1T released pork fat.
Remove veg.
Deglaze pan in mixture of English ale, apple juice, and water.
Add Penzey's Bavarian Seasoning and whole grain mustard.
Return meat and veg to pan.
Place in low oven, 20 m. per pound (app.)
Remove meat and veg, cover to keep warm.
Reduce liquid.
Add beurre manie.
Cook three minutes.
Serve over potato or noodles.
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So yesterday I made pumpkin muffins. Recipe needs some tweaking, but overall successful. Today there is soup in the crockpot.

It was a beautiful day for the Mohawk Valley Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk (thank you again to everyone who contributed). I got there in plenty of time for the team photo (you'll be lucky if you can see the top of my head wherever they put it up), and then ended up walking the whole way with the VP for Learning and Academic Affairs, who is a theatre teacher/director in her non-admin incarnation. So we talked about books, and plays for the entire 2 1/2 miles. It was nice, but I don't know what my colleagures thought of it. The President even got a bit of brushoff from her as we were deep into conversation about various versions of "The Scotish Play" (she won't say Macbeth. I said, "I'm no longer in the life, so I feel rather comfortable with it," but then switched to the common pseudonym to make her more comfortable). Oh well--if anyone had problems with it, I can't do anything about it. We had a lovely conversation, on a bright cold morning.

Now I'm upstairs watching the Bears try not to suck (nice almost-interception there, Cutler), with the pugs sleeping beside me. In a bit I'll get to the grading. As Sundays go, I'll call this one a success.
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Just got home from a lovely dinner at Piggy Pat's (local Carolina BBQ place). So, I must question why the Red Lobster commercial was so appealing.

I blame the stress of the last teaching day of the semester.
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Vegetable soup is on, bread ready to go into the oven, mindless novel awaits to fill the time until "done," then it's college football and kitty snuggles.

Chopping vegetables is better therapy than anything except making cookies!
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Christmas day was lovely and quiet. We had dinner with [ profile] retiredmaj and family, and it was lovely. Amazingly good plum pudding, as well as much yummy that preceded it.

So now it's St. Stephen's Day. After morning caffeine, we headed to town to pick up main course for tomorrow's guests and catch a film. On our way in we got a call from [ profile] emt_hawk and the fair [ profile] svan_1004 . We were able to meet them in New Hartford for a lovely brunch, quite serendipitously. Delightful way to start the day. Did a bit of shopping, then went to see Holmes. Marquee was insane, so we went off to the Uptown. We enjoyed the show (most satisfying Guy Ritchie movie I've seen, though I think Snatch! is a better film). As one friend said, sometimes the FX intruded, sometimes it dragged a bit, but I really liked Law's Watson, and it's becoming a surprising truth that Downey is demonstrating an amazing depth of talent--profound talent.

Then home. Quiet evening watching Shrek the Halls and The Lost Christmas Eve, then the beginning of the end of one of the best Dr. Who runs ever (and as a fan of Baker and Pertwee, that's quite a concession from me).

Tomorrow is cleaning up for guests and cooking. :-)

There is a rightness that on what would have been her 79th birthday I watched a new film of one of my mother's favorite fictional characters.
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Take that, universe.
On a day I realize I've put on weight, it seems hardly fair that all I can think about is
...making cookies
...buying cookies
and most importantly...


Lazy Sunday

Aug. 9th, 2009 07:58 pm
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Duchezz and pugs slept in until nearly 1 PM today. Much needed, so I made sure they were undisturbed. We went into town to see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (which may go down as the most nonsensical title evah). Missed the bit that the theatre had the 3D version, so was surprised by both the price and being handed two pair of "Sealed for Your Protection" 3D glasses. Final verdict--better than The Meltdown but still not as good as the first Ice Age. Later this week I'll watch the team beat up on COBRA. Yup. Guilty pleasure. Sue me.

Came home, made dinner (tilapia [lightly breaded and fried], lemon spinach couscous, and snap peas [in the pod]).

Now it's time to prep for my 9 AM meeting as Duchezz tries not to worry about what sort of mess she's going to walk into on her first day as supervisor. For those of you who don't know what she does, as of Monday she'll be overseeing this, and supervising a staff of 4 registrars and some clerical staff:


The Neighborhood Center's DAY CARE REGISTRATION PROGRAM operates out of our 612 Elizabeth Street, Utica location and certifies adults in Oneida County to provide care to small groups of children in their private homes.

* The program offers informational meetings, technical assistance, home inspections and certification renewals.
* Inspections to ensure compliance with New York State regulations are conducted both randomly and upon receipt of a complaint.
* Currently, this program serves over 150 homes in Oneida County
* We provide all required training and monitor all aspects of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Child and Adult Care Food Program [CACFP].
In other news, the Pennsic laundry was started last night. Load 3 of 3,219 in the front loader as we speak.
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Minorly processed, "natural," "free range" chicken (cooked at home in rotisserie with a light dusting of Penzey's Galena St. Rub)
baby Yukon Gold potatoes (oven roasted)
wax beans from Nedrow (steamed and dressed with a tiny bit of butter)courtesy of Syracuse Regional Market
tomatoes from Rochester (tossed with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and basil from my garden)
dessert later will be Queen Anne cherries from Liverpool (see SyrRegMark note above) and nectarines we picked up at the Hamilton Farmers Market Saturday

I'm just going to enjoy the availability while it lasts, and worry about after harvest (and the intrusion of a work and SCA schedule that will keep me from such markets) when the time comes.

One step at a time.
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I went and saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen when I got done with work today. Not as good as the first, but not as bad as Roger Ebert said. Still, I think I see a rerun of the first in the near future.  Saw trailers for The Last Airbender, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Marlon Wayans as "Ripcord" may be one of the best casting decisions I've seen in a long time), Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, 2012, and Surrogate (which I'd heard nothing about, but may have potential, based on what I saw). Lots of dark in the months ahead.

Dinner tonight was a delight. Saturday, because Duchezz had come to Hamilton to pick me up since it got very dark before I noticed Friday night, we had to go back to Hamilton to pick up her truck (thank you Hamilton PD for not putting a ticket on it). So, since the Farmers Market is Saturday, we visited. We got some lovely produce from one of the local farmers, including some local snow peas. We also picked up some pork chops from the Old Order Mennonites. As we walked away Duchezz remarked, "We're probably going to get ruined for pork now, the same way we were by the free-range low-science chickens."

So, tonight I dressed the chops in a simple flour, salt, and pepper prep and put them in the iron frying pan with a tiny bit of olive oil and fried them very simply. I blanched the snow peas, then sauteed them in a little olive oil, with a little sesame seed herb blend. OMG!! I'd forgotten how wonderful pork can taste when Dean Ornish and his ilk aren't calling the shots. What a beautiful, succulent chop. The meat was as lean as you could ask, and surrounded by lovely, tender fat that browned up beautifully. And there's nothing like produce that hasn't travelled in a refrigerator truck and sat in a packing box for an unknown period of time. The only way it could have been better would have been to cook it Saturday (but that wasn't an option).

Then, in a pure coincidence because Duchezz held back one of the pies she made for the bake sale, we're having the last of the blackberry rhubarb pie for dessert tonight. The blackberries and rhubarb were both picked from our yard--the blackberries last summer (not to be confused with the blackcaps), and the rhubarb this spring. Okay, I'm gonna go finish my food-gasm. Ta!

P.S. Duchezz and I just spotted P.C. (Porch Cat) crossing the road with B.C. (Baby Cat). This is the first B.C. sighting, and now the Duchezz is all worried about the B.C. crossing the road. Logic is not prevailing. Suggestions to her regarding options (I provided half a dozen) to address the situation are for naught. *Sigh*
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Here is a perfect post, about a practically perfect yesterday.

Who knew

May. 11th, 2009 08:52 am
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So, [personal profile] svan_1004 made me buy the Star Trek cereal. Ran out of Cheerios this morning, so I opened the box and had a bowl.

Who knew that kitschy tie-in cereal could actually taste good (though the marshmallow bits could learn a thing or two from the Lucky Charms leprechaun). Kelloggs still isn't as good with oat cereal as General Mills or Post, but, well, for them--it's a win.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.
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So, Duchezz has had a day full of fail.
Jiro "hydrated" her Millefleur throw.
She broke the travel cup I gave her for Christmas (which she loved).
She ran late and had to miss her kickboxing class.

So she came home early. Went to get her wet laundry and put it on the line. Except she programmed it fine to start sometime this afternoon, but failed to hit the "Start" button.

Went to set up the new mailbox ($60 for mailbox, $20 for portable hole--part of the great home improvement shopping excursion from the weekend) only to find that the 4x4 piece we have at the house is an actual 4x4, which of course means it's OLD, since a modern 4x4 is actually 3.5 x 3.5.

So she's working out frustrations by raking up the leaves that accumlated by the side of the road (read: did not blow across like the rest of the leaves).

On the stove are collard greens in the Dutch oven that came with the house and jambalaya in the Le Creusset Dutch oven [ profile] kelfstein gave us. And  in the kitchen is a new box of cereal for breakfast that's all [personal profile] svan_1004 's fault.

Later there will be grading and Jack (24, not Daniels).

We shall salvage the fail. That's how we roll.
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Apparently pesto, feta, mushroom, and anchovy isn't traditional--who knew? )

It's their own fault--the options list was the suck.


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