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...that the thing I bought myself from my "list of things I asked for that I didn't get for Christmas" was a cookbook and that the prezzie I'm happiest about is the really good quality 9x13 baking pan.

I can live with it.
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Well, the fighters are home--exhausted but happy. They brought my wonderful prezzie from Patrikia, delivered via sillyviking. Gorgeous stitch markers with black kitties--and, I must confess, a mystery. First thought was rosary, but count was wrong. R suggested a sock measurer. Methinks not. Me not smart enough. Vague recollection of conversation, but brain bad--no remember. Lovely, but a complete mystery. What is please?

All our teams lost today--the Redskins suffering the worst, but that was expected. However, I don't think anyone expected them to lose by...wait for it...45 friggin' points.

Bears got beat. Four interceptions, 3 in the end zone, will do that. Brian Griese needs to copy the poster from Brett Favre's Bowflex commercial: "I will not throw into coverage."


Work got done (mostly), rest was had (some), puppies and kitties are happy. I made stew (for today) and soup (for later), but no baking--couldn't get up the energy.

Mostly tried to avoid thinking heavy thoughts, and just recharge. We'll see if it worked.

Found out today both Rowan and Morguhn will be home Wednesday. Whoo hoo! Can you say pork roast, and squash and turnips, and pomegrantes and apples? Hard cider and Soul Cakes? What a treat. Yippee!!! Since we didn't have a single family holiday dinner last year (not even Christmas), this will be wonderful. (And yes, Ysabeau--you did hear the battle cry of "Midnight Margueritas!" Of course, we'll be sound asleep come midnight, but the thought is there.) As I rake the lawn this week I will think of an October night and full grown adults, and a blissfully barking Samoyed, piling into a mountain of maple leaves under a star-filled October sky. Of laughter that made the ghosties and ghoulies recoil to spend All Hallows Eve somewhere else. Perhaps the best Hallowe'en I've ever known.


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