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Someday I will write about these last few days. About cars and pooling. About hemorrhages of cash. About sounds and grindings when LEAVING the place of repair. About Peter and Paul and the robbing and paying thereof.

About Dan and Wendy.

About my 40 year old office mate (active, father of 3, all under 13) who one week ago today had a heart attack, and 6 days ago had quintuple by-pass surgery.

But let it suffice that when Duchezz came home today she said "Hello Adventure Woman. Do I want to know how you bleached your red Forester into a white and grey Outback?" And that tomorrow, in theory, will see "The Return of the Forester."

Most of all, let it suffice that because it is Brighid, I made mac and cheese from scratch, using all the fat and cheddar cheesy goodness. And that tomorrow, because it is Candlemas, I will light a new candle.

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Graded until a bit after 10, so brain is too active to let me sleep.

Took Lady Croft in to fix her startup issues, and fix the rear wiper. They also found a balljoint issue. Who knew replacing all sparkplugs and wires, and replacing a balljoint, would come to roughly the same as fixing the rear wiper. So I politely declined their nearly $800 services and just had them do the plugs and wires. Next paycheck I'll do the balljoint. Tires before the snow flies. And then I must get the wiper fixed sinnce the snow sticks there so badly.

*sigh* All this, plus the fuel bill, means sticking pretty close to home for the foreseeable future, and probably a pretty sparse Christmas. But others have it far worse than I.

Okay. _Terra Nova_ is doing an impersonation of Hitchcock's _The Birds_. Where's Rod Taylor when you need him?
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This week has been a strange one. There has been vehicle drama (sing with me now "Dead car in the middle of the road/Dead car in the middle of the road..."), followed by less than successful rescue/salvage attempts, mechanic magic, and the final pronouncement "it could die on you in two days or go five's a crapshoot." Then there was the nice collection man at the door today for one of the household bills NOT my responsibility (I do food, oil, car insurance on all three vehicles, cell phones, and the satellite TV). Since I like to bathe, and electricity is necessary to run the pump...

And then there's the packing for the yearly exercise in living in misery in order to "have fun," using some definition of "fun." There is one thing I really like to do there, now that watching the battles and tournaments is basically an exercise in enduring insult in order to experience misery, with very brief moments of actually seeing fighting. What I really enjoy is singing in the Pennsic Choir. But I haven't been able to do that lately because I haven't been able to be there for the concert dates, let alone rehearse enough. Classes can be fun, but lately the heat and humidity have really wiped me out to the point that the last thing I want to do is be trapped in a hot, humid tent, whose walls have clearly been mildewed (hello asthma!), with 20-40 other hot, sweaty people, at least half of whom seem to spend their time trying to one-up the instructor. Look, I'm the first to admit that sometimes the teacher doesn't really know what he or she is talking about. In that case, be polite, ask questions, and don't be a smart ass. And, frankly, if the "one-uppers" would shut up long enough, they'd find that most of the teachers, even if they get some things wrong, really have things of value to share. But, no, there's this real tendency for some people to use the classes as a way to try to prove that they should have more letters after their names than they do, and this is their venue to prove it. Look--we all know that the average IQ in the SCA is way above "norm" (someone even did the research). But it is also true that the social IQ quotient is probably below. One of our claims to fame is that we can "socialize" people so that they are no longer shunned as rude and boorish. Please, stop proving both stereotypes.

So tomorrow I leave for Pennsic. Gear is packed, food prepped (oops--need to make my lunch for the 8 hours on the road). Time to go to bed.

All of which is my long way of saying I'll be gone for a bit. I'm taking an Elizabeth Chadwick novel with me (though I may cheat and continue reading A Dance With Dragons on my iPhone). I'll be back with tales of handfastings, and 50th birthday parties, and well-deserved peerages, and probably a bit too much alcohol, and the inevitable fat-laden food.

As Garrison Keeler would say, "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."
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The monsters of grief and loneliness are scratching at the door, but I'm resolutely keeping the door shut. I don't have time right now to let them in, deal with them, in the face of everything else that must get done, attended to, finished.

Dropped the car off at the glass place to get the windshield replaced. Damn gravel trucks.
Glass place is near the body shop where the Buick currently is sitting, sans grill and right front panel. It looks sad.

Duchezz finished her new shield per Crown list requirements. This has been very hard on her--he always made her shields. Fixed her armor. Coaxed, bullied, cajoled her into taking care of her kit. She is doing it herself now, and it is hard, so very hard. He was hers from the time she was 19. She is being strong, and brave, and putting on a smiling face. More than half her life fell from that roof and, in a moment, was gone. She's astonishing in her strength, but no one should mistake her bravery for ease.

Having trouble focusing. I know why. But knowing doesn't mean allowing the spiral to grab me by the throat and pull me down. I can't. I won't.

To work--of many kinds.
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FWIW, I hate XPlay in its current incarnation. But I guess I'm not the primary target audience.

So...Cut for those who aren't into melancholy at the moment )
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It came!! This is as gorgeous as I could have hoped for.

These are worth every penny (and probably would be worth paying more for, but don't tell KnitPicks).

I'm going to this this afternoon, especially since I use this when I teach this.

Tomorrow the Forester may be done. I may go drinking with the department tonight. Or not. Last time I went, he tried to meet me there, but couldn't find my car, so assumed I went home.

One of my favorite events is happening this weekend in PA, and I can't go, and another I enjoy is close, but due to obligations I'm not going there, either.

I think we'll treat ourselves to a restaurant tomorrow, and maybe Quantum of Solace. And I may pick up My Word is My Bond. Have to see.

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...for them to fix my car. New transmission cable. Supposed to take an hour/hour and a half. And, well, brakes.
"But we turned the rotors and put on new pads before you got it."
"Well, good. But it sounds worse now than when I test drove it."
"Really? You said a clunking sound?"
"Uh huh."

Supposed to take an hour and a half. I dropped it off at 8 AM. It's not done yet. Supposed to call at 3:30. Hmmmm. Did someone say "brakes"?

Had to cancel rehearsal with pianist. Not happy.
Do not have car. Not happy.
Am not going to Concordia Saturday. Not happy.

On the other hand, these are all every day not happies. The minor annoyances of everyday life. In the grand scheme of things, being not happy about these things is...diverting.

And, as a little ray of sunshine, the Babylon 5 Quote Store opens Friday (Cafe Press). The Joe Store is closed (so my "Faith Manages" cup is now a collector's item I guess), but the new stuff is pretty fine. So many quotes, so little time. I mean, really, I hardly wear the shirts I already own (stop smirking); how can I justify buying more?

Must. Rationalize. Must. Rationalize.
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-Ping is really enjoying his "little-brother-free" evening.
-As of 4 PM Jiro was "resting comfortably."
-Picked up car. Has some bells and whistles I hadn't noticed, and when the regular finance guy got in he made some calls and got me a loan with a different bank for 3% less than I'd originally been quoted. I win.
-We got home and there were OMG pretty flowers in a box on the porch from a wonderful lady and her wonderful knight. Thank you.
-Duchezz helped me grade some midterms tonight. She's wonderful.
-Broncos are sucking beyond my ability to comprehend.

All of which is going on on the deadened surface. Where the nerves are it's a different story.

Tomorrow is the 21st of October. The day my world shattered also was the 21st. The 23rd was just a detail. It all ended that sunny Sunday, the 21st of September.

Tomorrow will be harder than today, and today was plenty hard. Nietzsche was an idiot, and I'm not so convinced about the never being given anything more than we are strong enough to bear. I am tired and going to bed early.

And the November AEstel arrived today. Rowan is weeping.
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Work phoo
Car phoo
Boy birthday postponed due to Masonic phoo (but he did get a card, dammit!)
That is all.
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Pennsic was Pennsic. The timing (a week earlier) was nice, despite those with selective memory who insist on blaming all the crappy weather on the week shift. Check the weather reports for the last 20 years kids--we've gotten sucky weather like we had this last week at least 6 times in the past that I remember during the SECOND week of the war, usually thanks to some hurricane or tropical depression. The only way a time change would truly affect the War weather would be to move it out of hurricane season. Not gonna happen.

Did my usual Pennsic service at Public Safety, but I was feeling guilty about not being Fleur-y enough (no classes). I did make the A&S display and my order meeting. Then my sweet Duke pointed out that spending 2 hours a day in a rehearsal tent working on period music was...ta da...ART! dummy, so I had nothing to apologize for. I love that guy.

Left Friday, with Boy failing the packing test for the first time ever! (And this despite us taking back less stuff than Ro drove down.) Thanks to those who found room for the stuff that didn't fit. Boy rented us a lovely hotel room (Holiday Inn Express Rocks!) with jacuzzi tub for Friday night. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse (my favorite steak joint), then b'fast Saturday at Bob Evans. It is all good.

The car was only a bit of a putz on the way home, with many stops. But the 45 minute cool down at the Liverpool Thruway stop was not much fun (though Duke napped, which is good). For some reason, macho man wouldn't let me spell him in the driving. Doofus.

Home. Two packages awaited me--the new Babylon 5 movie and a big box from Penzey's Spice House. Much happiness. I unloaded the spices Saturday. MMMMMmmmmmm. There shall be yumminess. Watched the movie yesterday morning when I woke early--close captioned so I could actually follow it. Then the boos wanted to watch it last night. I win! Yesterday afternoon we went to see Stardust. I didn't enjoy it as much as the Comtesse did, but it was fun. "Arrrrrrggghhh" will never be the same again.

Today it's back to the academic treadmill, but there is still some time for pleasure reading left. At the War I finished the Heloise and Abelard bio by Burge (recommended), finished off the medieval mystery I started last War (The Tainted Relic, which is a bit like the movie Gun in its conceit, and then finished Jordan's Knife of Dreams). Since there were 2 days left, and I had no book, I picked up the first book in Candace Robb's second series (A Trust Betrayed), but was underwhelmed. The protagonist is a whiny, self-absorbed Scotswoman. I miss Owen Archer and his tough little apothacary wife. Started The Historian last night. That will probably be the last fun reading until the semester ends. Sigh.

And so it goes.
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--I don't remember meeting her. My first memory of her is in our house, going to the porch with my husband for a long talk.

Now, on holidays, secular and sacred, when she is not there I feel her absence.

Happy birthday, dear one. See you in 10 days.

--Well, looks like the socks are for me. The Sensational Socks book requires more math than I like, but seems to work. Yay!

--Ping is doing his summer hair loss, which is a bit...disturbing. Semi-naked pug! (Feels just a little creepy to pick him up since the hair loss is mostly lower half. Weird.)

--Am going to try to talk the fighters into going to Pax without me. I love the event, but every little penny counts right now. A bit over a grand on the Neon last month, and now the Century has to go in (inspection, tires, oil change, strange rattle...). And then there's the dentist, the taxes....

--It was a blessing to go to the calling hours and have the family so...Welsh. I felt right at home. The Browns are more woven into the fabric of our histories than we sometimes realize, but seeing Mark, Debbie, and Arwen brought it all home. However, where the hell does Marcello get off looking so young???!!!!!


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