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Well, I do, but none of the ones that come to mind are quite right. My favorite t-shirt is a Cinderella (in her brown skirt), but usually my busy is a lot less like that than something else. There are the crazy, office-centric pulling the hair out. Errr, nope, not that. There are the crazy-lady cooking, talking on the phone, working on the computer still in her pumps and pencil skirt while a toddler is crawling up one leg and a dog peeing on the other. Nope. Not me.

Anyway, today is "catch up" day. I'm in the office, because I was at a conference yesterday. (Actually, a good one, for all it got sprung on me at the last minute and makes me all nervous since there are some implications of my being sent, especially given who else went, but that's a worry for another day.) Once I've caught up here, there's a chance of dinner with friends, then home to try to make some order out of chaos.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, with an emphasis on de-nuding the dining room so that Massive Destruction for Renewal(TM) can happen starting Thursday. This means all of the furniture has to be either moved out, or moved to the center, so that demolition can occur on the walls without it also occuring to the glassware, plates, china cabinets, etc. *sigh* This is mostly happening while I am at the Welsh conference, but it still fills me with dread. Despite the heretofore successful interior work, as soon as you involve ladders and working on our house I am filled with dread. I know--silly, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Other catastrophic issues remain, and accelerate, but I'm not sure I can do anything about them. I'll give it one last try, but I'm not hopeful.

So, the students are back, with all their charm and whining, abilities and disabilities, hopes and sense of entitlement, humility and hubris. In short, the usual mixed bag. It's the first week, and I'm already exhausted.

The auguries--not so much with the good.

Still, my life is good on so many levels. Must remember that. If I get to see friends tonight, that will be much easier.
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So, the last post was apparently unclear. My Forester is the one with the brake issues, her truck has light issues. Brakes will be fixed as soon as I have money (next paycheck). Until then...well, we'll see.

Today Duchezz drove us to the Antique Show. We met [ profile] delcavallo and KH for breakfast, and were later joined by the Lock family (Silver- and Raven-). We exercised great restraint, and only bought a few things (linen handkerchiefs with hand work, strawberry themed items for the kitchen, and replaced some mixing bowls from the iconic Pyrex set my mother bought in the 50's). Oh. And a bear. Tiny, unique, I think handmade, but I'll have to check more closely. For the price it was fine to just pick it up and check later. Duchezz bought herself a sterling silver die.

It was an interesting experience. I don't know that much about such things, but the things I do know about (like collectable stuffed animals) I suspect was a microcosm for what goes on with all other items. Case in point--two small Stieff critters. One, a Cocker Spaniel, was in beautiful shape, but missing the Stieff button. $45. The second, a small bear, roughly the same size (and similar to my beloved one from my childhood, but 6 years younger), same quality, also missing the button. $135.

The spaniel is rarer. Both are missing the button. No Stieff, sans button, in that size, in that quality, should be more than $60. It's all about the button. So, one honest merchant, one ripoff artist.

That said, there was some remarkably fine stuff there, including a $4000 vase that was, given what it was, worth every penny, and some astonishingly beautiful furniture, all priced appropriately. Which means way out of my price range. But there were lovely things I could have afforded. I'm kicking myself for not picking up the beautiful, maple Martha Washington sewing cabinet that was priced at near giveaway that I wanted to "think about." By the time I had, it was gone. Oh well. Live and learn.

Now I'm getting ready to watch the Bears v. Bills fauxball game and continue to digest the fried dough. What, you think just because I do Weight Watchers I'd pass up fried dough? Silly rabbit--fried dough is for Meirwens!
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The monsters of grief and loneliness are scratching at the door, but I'm resolutely keeping the door shut. I don't have time right now to let them in, deal with them, in the face of everything else that must get done, attended to, finished.

Dropped the car off at the glass place to get the windshield replaced. Damn gravel trucks.
Glass place is near the body shop where the Buick currently is sitting, sans grill and right front panel. It looks sad.

Duchezz finished her new shield per Crown list requirements. This has been very hard on her--he always made her shields. Fixed her armor. Coaxed, bullied, cajoled her into taking care of her kit. She is doing it herself now, and it is hard, so very hard. He was hers from the time she was 19. She is being strong, and brave, and putting on a smiling face. More than half her life fell from that roof and, in a moment, was gone. She's astonishing in her strength, but no one should mistake her bravery for ease.

Having trouble focusing. I know why. But knowing doesn't mean allowing the spiral to grab me by the throat and pull me down. I can't. I won't.

To work--of many kinds.


Mar. 4th, 2009 11:07 am
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Yesterday was a day of fibery and floury goodness.

I got my March baking order from King Arthur flour, so there will be soda bread, hot cross buns, and scones, as well as the materials for tres chic Easter cookies. Mr. UPS Man was very sweet, as he startled me at the door, the pugs exploded, and my face probably drained of what little color it has. But sooo worth it.

And on the porch when I got home was the box from Knitpicks with all my sock yarn, my shawl yarn, sock patterns, and Harmony dpns. And the yarn I ordered is perfect for my sock swap project, so YAAAYYY!!!

But no knitting for me last night, as the evening was devoted to Dr. Caligari and his cabinet. In which I wax a bit philosophic about the reception of art in various time streams )

But I digress. For those who have never seen Dr. Caligari's Cabinet, if you like the fair Sally (see icon above) and Tim Burton, you may want to. Get the DVD version with the colored sequences, though. It is a strange trip, but ultimately worth it.

This morning started well, but then the little demon dog from hell who is only still breathing because he really is all heart though no head but I swear he pulls this shit again I'm gonna moider him Jiro decided to wander around the yard and not come when called, instead running just out of reach, a trick he in the past only pulled on the Duchezz. I was, of course, in my slippers. And of course, there was snow. And of course he circumlocated the entire house, the extreme boundaries of the property, and even made cornfield forays. Not the happy.

But I made it to work only about 20 minutes later than I'd intended, I am holding my office hours, and then it's on to film class.

There is $$ foo, due to some unethical, and I think illegal, practices by some credit card companies (his) that I have to deal with ASAP, which has taken me right into clinical anxiety hell, but I know how to deal with that, and then I can deal with them.

Ten days to Spring Break. Counting the days.

Okay--time to grade papers.
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Since our apples trees are groaning, I batted my eyelashes at the Crust Queen and said "Pie?" I even mentioned that I had a pound of the very bestest "goode whyte greese" in the frig.

There was pie. Made the right way. It needed about 10 more minutes in the oven. Ooops--guess she'll just have to try again!

The killer is that it blows my diet in a major way, but I'm willing to eat a diet that is 75% rabbit food in order to eat pie. Pensive )

Today's Whine )

But at least the day started blissfully--lying in, "puppy" sleeping by the bed, "kitten" sleeping curled around my ankles under the sheets, two Welsh tea cakes for b'fast, and a good cup of tea in bed. Priceless.
meirwen_1988: (cheezburger) is the first day of obligation--both required meetings were more than an hour shorter than previous years. This is a good sign.

Now, what I really want to write about--the minutia of everyday life.

The Weekend )

Tomorrow I will work. Now, it's off to the post office to mail the wretched "work I didn't want to do," pick up some groceries, and home to puppies and kitties and the rest of my morning tea. Don't ask.


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