Mar. 10th, 2013


Mar. 10th, 2013 08:00 pm
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Supernatural+wine=Not Good (in that good kinda way)

Feeling melancholy nostalgia for crazy gatherings of friends. Oddly this is manifesting as wishing I was heading for rehearsals of a Hamilton Musical Theatre production, a trip to Hungry Charlie's, dinner at Regan and Jamie's (with a healthy dose of Marge, Hanita, and Hilary added to the company), or an epic post-revel.

I think I have most of my necessary work done--why do I feel so horribly behind?

We went to dinner last night for Samantha Moore's birthday (Baroness Anastasie). It was a lovely night, and covered nearly a full range of SCA adulthood (TSivia, Ro and me, and Their most recently retired Excellencies of Delftwood). It is interesting to see how the times have changed, how those of us how have "stayed" see things vs. those who are "new" do, and where there is overlap, and where total incomprehension (on both sides). I fear Flieg is right--in 20 years, we will be gone. LARP will take some, groups like Regia Anglorum and the other equivalents will take some, and Battle of Nations the rest. The SCA will disappear, subsumed into the others, because in trying to be all things to all people, ultimately we were not enough for any.

I should probably eat some protein and go to bed. Clearly, I am in a Stephen Donaldson mind-set.


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